Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project 365: Week 16

April 13
Spring!! I sat outside with my laptop today and got hot! I loved it. The sweater came off and I rolled up my pants and enjoyed the sun! Look how happy these flowers are next to my parents driveway. I hear the snow is coming back the next couple days. :(April 14
Paul and I have a new (unhealthy) habit/tradition. B&D Burgers is this fun little local place on 13th east and about 1st south. On Tuesdays they have dollar burgers and they are SO good. I used to go with my friend Russ every week and a couple other people I worked with, but that tradition faded and a few weeks ago I introduced it to Paul and he LOVES it. We go every Tuesday now and eat burgers and fries and watch The Biggest Loser...what's wrong with that?!?April 15
Winter came back. It's been raining and snowing for 2 days. And it's so cold. This picture is taken from 13th east and it's the mountains above the Avenues in North Salt Lake (where our apartment is.)April 16
I really didn't feel like taking a picture today. I'm in a bad mood. This is a $20.00 bag I got for $3.00 ...check me out, finding the silver lining.

April 17
My mom and I spent a good part of the day shopping. She is making Paul and I a quilt for our wedding and this is what I picked. I love the colors a ton. It was a lot of fun deciding. Oh, and the 2 little things in the bottom right corner with snaps aren't part of the quilt, they are tiny reusable bags I found at Peir 1 Imports. They take up almost no room in my purse! (Bag remembering problem solved!)

April 18
Moving day! The Schmidts are living back in Canada now. (their home) They've been in SLC for a long time but the economy took its toll on them and they moved back home for work. They left stuff here in storage while they came up with their plan, and it looks like its Canada for the time being, so they came down to load up the rest of their stuff. They'll be back in June for a visit because Garry in marrying us. Amazing people! But this pucture?? Ok, just as we finished we heard a big BOOM! I thought it was something huge falling in the storage unit next to theirs then we saw this dark grey cloud of smoke rising. I grabbed my camera and by the time I took this picture the cloud was fading a bit. It was so dark at first. Power was out everywhere and we were locked in cuz the gate is power operated, we had to crank it forever to get out. (And by "we" I mean I sat in the truck and the 4 men figured it out.)April 19
We have a family meeting once a month. We started it about 5 years ago and then things got busy and a lot of our lives were in transition so we kinda stopped for a while, but we've started again. On the 3rd Sunday of every month we all get together for dinner at Mom and Dad's and then take turns leading a discussion. It can be religious, of just life stuff, kinda whatever we want. Tonight was a little different because Taylor had school stuff in Logan all weekend, Dad is on a business trip, and yesterday Dave rolled his 4 wheeler and broke his collar bone (we think he's fine) in 3 places, so he and Neally didn't come. Mom, me, Paul, Scott and Laura just had dinner and played games. This was a picture I took from above the table. It didn't turn out how I wanted it to but I love my mom's face! No one know I was taking it and just as it started to flash my mom noticed, and this is what the "just noticed" face looks like. Love it.

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I love B&Ds and I love the fabric.