Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project 365: Week 15

April 6
I bought both of these on the same day and they've been together and in the same conditions (water, sunlight, etc.) the whole time. Weird...and kind of annoying.
April 7
This is a bad picture...again. (I seem to do that a lot.) But I realized today that Paul and I just passed the 'half way done being engaged' mark. I couldn't figure out how to word that without making it sound like I'm not enjoying it. I love Paul and I love that we're engaged, I'm just ready to be married!
April 8
Paul and I are taking a class about Christ on Wednesday nights. It's in Draper and tonight I had a choir practice early and because he works in Draper I just drove down and met him after work. We grabbed dinner at IKEA before and then went to my practice and the class. It was a long night, but good. Here we are unwinding and watching the AI results show. How awesome is Ady-cakes, by the way?!? ...that's Adam Lambert to all of you. Ady-cakes to me.
April 9
Birthday Prep! The 90th birthday party is on Saturday. It's been a crazy week!
April 10
(See April 9th) All the party supplies slowly took over my parents house.
April 11
Happy Birthday Grandpa. It was a huge success. My Grandpa has touched the lives of so many. He is a wonderful man and I'm proud to be his grand-daughter. He was so happy with everything and that made it totally worth it. (More pictures and details to come about this party. Oh and Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!)
April 12
Happy Easter! Finally an unwind day! Today consisted of church (X2, that I sang at), lunch with Paul, naps, a little DVR catching up, naps, left-overs, and stopping by to tell G&G Happy Easter. Grandpa had his birthday cards all set up and it looked so cute so I took a picture of it. Then we cleared it off and played a couple rounds of cards. It wasn't a super Easter-y day, but it was a much needed relaxing day.
P.S. To all my cousins who I talked to last night (or didn't talk to) who have private blogs and I forgot to give my email address too, I'd love to be added,


Kelly O. said...

I love the pics and I definitely know what you mean by just wanting to be married. All I can say is ENJOY YOUR ENGAGEMENT TIME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, which it looks like you guys are doing anyway. :)

Adrian said...

Andrea, that was a great party. You did a great job. Thank you for all your hard work. It must of been a huge job. I wish you could of heard the compliments I did on the table arrang., the food, etc. People were raving. It was a neat tribute to grandpa. blog is
Nothing too exciting, but it's a fun way to stay connected. love ya