Sunday, December 2, 2012

WECO Christmas Party

We had the White Emerson Company Christmas party on Friday night at my FIL's country club.  But first, I decorated for Christmas.  All of my Christmas stuff is in Utah.  Why?  Remind me to tell you about how we almost moved back there a couple of months ago.  Over Thanksgiving I stood and looked at the bins and quickly became overwhelmed.  I decided to take each lid off and decide which ONE bin looked like the most fun.  I also grabbed our stockings and one package of non-breakable tree ornaments.

Here's what we had.
There was also a stack of serving bowls, and three pairs of wooden shoes that I got several years ago in Holland for a Dutch tradition I'll start when the kids are a bit older.  It was kind of nice to be done decorating, tree and all, in about 20 minutes.  I usually have a set of 3 trees and when I'm done with everything it looks like Christmas threw up on every shelf, table and wall.  Not this year.  But with the kids the ages they are, I think it's just perfect.

Garrett helped me with a couple ornaments while Lulu napped.
He got tired fast.
And as soon as Lulu was up, she began UNdecorating the tree and destroying some tags on the gifts.
On to the party...

 Garrett wanted to help with the WECO awards.  Our version on the Dundies.  I wanted them to be called the Whities, but whatever.

 The 4 kids had so much fun together.  It almost looks like we planned the red dresses and green gingam shirts.

I never get sick of sleeping baby pictures.

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