Saturday, December 22, 2012

Advent Part 2

Here are the other 12 ideas.  Some we did. Some we changed. Some we didn't do. Etc, Etc.

Food Bank Donation (We gave toys to the Interfaith Food Center instead, and Garrett gave a dollar to the Salvation army bell ringer.)
Christmas craft (We pulled out all the supplies, but we're going to make them of Christmas Eve instead, maybe)
Boat ride and light parade (done)
Waffle Breakfast (didn't do)
Have dinner at Rick's Drive-in (done)
Visit Senior center (done)
Christmas Caroling (done...combined with Senior Center trip)
Make neighbor gifts (done)
Deliver neighbor gifts (mostly done... a lot of these treats are going to my nephew's nurses in the NICU in St. George the day after Christmas, and we went to deliver to our favorite neighbor and realized we missed them by a day.  They left for vacation.  But we did a couple.)
Shop for each other (done...3 or 4 times)
Christmas Box surprise- Christmas Book (The book is wrapped, we'll do that tomorrow)
Christmas Eve dinner here with family (we'll do on the 24th)

We rented a boat and cruised around Naples Island to see all the big homes and lights.  It was super fun and Garrett totally loved it.

We had a friend from Utah (who now lives in Texas) here on business and he stayed with us for a couple of days.

 Addie is an out of control climber.  Her strength and speed blows my mind several times a day.
 Rick's Drive-in is this fun little local place right by our house and they totally deck it all out for Christmas, and Garrett loves driving and walking by there, so we added that to our list.
 Looking at the lights out the window and then playing outside.  My kids were sharing a healthy (haha) grilled cheese, and then an employee brought them free ice cream, and that was the end of the sandwich.

Garrett helped me do a lot of baking.  And when he got sick of standing on the stool and assisting me, he got  on the floor and blew everything I was spilling on to the carpet.  He's such a great helper!

We went with a big group of friends to two senior care centers and gave out socks and sang carols.  It was a great experience for our family, but I'll probably tell more about that another time.
We finally had our Christmas movie and popcorn night.
But instead of popcorn, we had these.

One of the shopping trips was with Grandma White to Downtown Disney.  (Addie and I met her and Garrett there after they went on their weekly trip to Disneyland.) The kids got each other clothes (Thanks Grandma) and we had lunch at the Rain Forrest Cafe (again, thanks Grandma).
Another shopping trip for Christmas eve dinner food.  We love Trader Joe's.

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