Monday, December 17, 2012

Advent Part 1

I mentioned in my last post that I had an Activity-a-day advent countdown.  Here is my list of things we planned to do, and then some pictures of stuff we actually did. (The first 12 days anyway.)  I was feeling pretty ambitious the night I made the list and knew we wouldn't get to it all, but I wanted options.  I also didn't think about 75% of our household being sick for over a week, (lucky Paul) so our plans took a hit because of that, too.

Meet the Elf on a Shelf. (done)
Gift in Christmas box-Felt tree (done)
Pop corn and a Christmas movie (sometime this week)
Gift in Christmas box-treat (done)
Drive around and look at Christmas lights and have hot Chocolate (kind of done)
Decorate sugar cookies (we decorated rice crispy treats instead)
Make grandparent gifts (done)
Christmas craft show and shopping (done)
Visit Burch street (done)
Visit Santa (done)
Mail gifts and cards and ice blended at Coffee Bean (part done)
Uptown parade (done)

 Addie was super excited about the parade.

 We sat right by one of my favorite Children's stores for the parade and before it started my MIL and I went in to look around and she bought the kids new shoes.

 We went to LA for a craft fair, but the only picture I took was of this charming food truck.  We also went shopping and found Ralph Lauren's daughter's candy store.

The only Birch Street picture I got of the kids was in the parking lot. Oops.
 Garrett was fascinated with Santa.  He walked right up to him, took hold of his finger, and examined him from head to toe.  But he wasn't at all excited.  Addie wasn't such a fan.

We had dinner at McDonald's after.  Or as Garrett calls it 'Fries'.

 It was our first trip outside in about a week after being sick, and it wiped Lulu out.

Also, in the past week or so, Garrett wanted to make cake. So we made fun-da-middles.  Easy cream filled cupcakes. (You can buy the kit in the baking isle.)

 Garrett wanted to do a lot of cuddling and hand holding for a couple of days.

 He's also OBSESSED with trains (Choo-choos) and he lines everything up and pushes it around.  Cars, empty boxes, strollers, everything but actual trains...maybe I should buy him one...
 Late night mallow roast with dad.

Christmas Eve is in a week! Really??  More advent activity attempts coming soon.

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Dana said...

I love your pictures!!! I wish you guys could come over and do this stuff here!! And, J is the same way with trains and anything that could become a train. Love these boys.