Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 re-cap, 2013 Predictions.

These were my 2012 predictions, and what actually happened...

January: The Riddles come visit for their 1st wedding anniversary. I do spring cleaning early...I have a couple big organizing projects I'm itching to get done... We finally plan trip #2.

The Riddles came to visit.  I don't think I cleaned or organized anything.  We planned our 2nd friends trip.  My mom, Scott and Laura flew out for a day to surprise me.

February: Taylor and Samira come to visit from Alaska. My mom and dad come to visit. Garrett has surgery.

All of my February predictions were right.

March: The Elbert's come to visit. We sell our Explorer.

The Elberts came to visit.  Braden came to visit.  I spent the month being obsessed with The Hunger Games.  I also began experimenting with the sewing machine.  The 4 of us took a mini vacation to Palm Springs.  And we still have the Explorer.

April: I win the lottery.

Nope. No lottery.  Paul went on a retreat to Canada and the kids and I went to Utah.

May: We hopefully go to Utah for the 2012 Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk to support our friends and (Garrett's buddy) their little boy.

I was right, we made it to Utah.  I also created the kids' play room.

June: We go on our 2nd annual friends trip. We celebrate anniversary #3.

I got this month right, too.

July: We go on a White family vacation. Addison learns to crawl. I introduce Garrett to the idea of peeing in the toilet. (I'm not looking forward to this chapter of life.)

All wrong.  We had a last minute trip to Utah in July.  I didn't and still don't have any interest in potty training Garrett.  And I think I was a month late on the crawling prediction.  I think she learned in June.

August: I help my mom redo a couple rooms in her house. We go on a Greenhalgh vacation.

Went on the White family vacation.  We went to Utah for the Greenhalgh family vacation.  Those plans changed because my Grandma passed away.  We didn't get around to working on any of my moms projects.

September: Scott and Laura announce that they are having a baby.

Nope. I wish!  We had a big circus birthday party for Garrett.

October: I start to feel like we're outgrowing our apartment with 2 mobile children, and we think about moving.

Yes, I was and am feeling a bit stir crazy, but no moving plans are in the works.  I had a really rough 4 weeks and Mara came to visit me for a few days. Taylor and Samira had a baby, 5 weeks early and me and the kids went to St. George to see him.

November: Addie turns one. I try and pull off a California party and a Utah party. We spent Thanksgiving in Utah. Taylor and Samira have a baby.

No California party, just a Utah one.  We were in Utah for Thanksgiving (which is when we had Addie's party).  And I would have been right if William would have come on his due date, Nov. 15th (Addie's Birthday).

December: We spend Christmas in California. Paul's sister or my brother get engaged.

Right about Christmas.  Wrong about an engagement.  The kids and I took a quick trip to Utah for a Garrett family party and my mom came home with us to spend a week.  And on the drive home I got my first ever speeding ticket.

There may have been more visits and visitors in there that I forgot, because it was just about monthly.

2013 predictions...

January- I start Project 365 again.

February-  William gets released from the NICU in St. George.

March- My parents strike it rich and start traveling to and from CA often so we don't have to.  Or they buy a condo here and stay for long amounts of time.

April- Potty training Garrett begins.

May- We go to Utah for Great Strides.

June- Paul and I go on an anniversary trip.

July- I get a(nother) speeding ticket.  I'm not wishing, just saying.  I struggle with speed guidelines limits, and it wouldn't surprise me.

August- Scott and Laura announce that they are pregnant.

September- Taylor and Samira announce that they are expecting twins.

October- Something awesome happens to us.

November- Addie turns 2 and Paul and I discuss a 3rd child.  I'll also probably remember that I was supposed to start potty training Garrett in April, and I'll start potty training both kids at the same time.  (Can you tell this isn't on my priority list?)

December- We go to Utah for Christmas.  I successfully complete Project 365 for the second time.

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Heidi Rogers said...

I love your boldness in making predictions for the year and I enjoy seeing how right you were. :)