Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah

We stopped for the night in St. George on our way to SLC.  We stayed with Taylor and Samira and stent some time at the hospital with my nephew.  I bought him this cool hat.  Look how much he loves it.
On our trip we...

Went to City Creek.

Went out with friends to Gracie's Gastropub.
Addie opened gifts.

 Garrett got some, too.
He liked Addie's better.
Celebrated Addie's birthday.

 Activity Table.  Candy necklace making, foam owls, stickers, coloring pages...
 I made the owl crayons by melting crayons in the oven and pouring the wax in candy molds.

The candy station.

 I loved working on all the details for the treats and dessert.

Ice cream cups.


Banners... The one of Addie's many faces was my favorite.

The cake.

The kids.

It was a lot of fun, but I'm so happy to be done with parties for a few months! Oh...besides the one I'm doing Thursday for 175 people. (But it's for work so I'm getting paid!)  And then hosting family here on Christmas eve.  And then the one in Utah I'm doing a couple days after Christmas.  But after those three, I'm done for the year! ...I think.

We also...

Checked out the new Scheels.

I went and had dessert with my good friend, Dana. (no picture. sad.)  We talked for a couple of hours, then decided we better go.  Then we talked in the parking lot for a half an hour.  She's amazing.  The sister I never had.  This picture is our boys at Addie's party.  She's my friend I met in birth class.
Addie opened more presents.

We had Thanksgiving at Dave's.  Taylor and I came up with a master plan and they came up from St. George for the day and surprised everyone.

 Addie's pre-lunch snack.

More gifts (for both kids).  Thanks Auntie and Uncle Dave!
 My Auntie made this for Addie!  I love it.
 Air Jordans from Dave.

I feel like I've said for at least 3 years now that I'm done with Black Friday shopping, but every year I keep doing it.  From 9PM Thursday night until 10AM Friday morning, I was only not shopping for about 4 hours of it.  And then I did 3 or 4 hours of afternoon shopping as well.  But I'm done except for a few stocking stuffers!

We played at the park.

We played games and had dinner with my Grandpa.
I'm sure I missed some stuff, and I know I didn't take pictures of everything, but I think I covered most of it.

Our drive home was AWFUL.  It's still too soon to talk about it. 15 hours of car accidents, holiday traffic, heavy fog, screaming kids...  I think there will be less roadtripping for the White's in 2013.


Dana said...

Loved all the pictures! And, I feel like I should write a whole book back. But, for now I will say I love your kids and I hate that we didn't get a picture together!? I just loved spending time with you. Miss you!

Heidi Rogers said...

You guys do a LOT of road trips! We haven't been since August and I'm already stressing about our next trip in a week. :/