Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paul's Birthday

Today is Paul's birthday.

I remember 2 years ago on this day thinking, and probably saying, I wish I had the time and energy to do something fun for Paul, but I'm too overwhelmed and exhausted figuring out this 6 week old baby.

I remember 1 year ago on this day thinking, and I'm sure saying, as we sat at Dippn' Dots, "I really wish my water would just break!"  But we had 4 more days to go.

Needless to say, I haven't been a good birthday wife, just a good birthday mom.

So this year I planned a little ditty.  I made dinner and took the mustache theme and ran with it.  We had about 10 people over and we had a really great time.  Paul loved it and that made me happy.

Party favors were simple.  I make cookies and cream mustache pops, added a red candy bar from the Christmas section, and put them in a chevron print bag from Gygi's.  I tied them shut with bakers twine that was tied around cute mustache magnets, also from Gygi's.  I found mustache stickers at Hobby Lobby and threw them on everything.  Tins, ice cream cups, Addie's bottle, etc.
 The cupcake toppers are envelope seal stickers stuck on black circles that I punched out, also from HobLob.  
 I made the banners out of old black and white fabric scraps.  I found some cute 'stache fabric at M&L so I mod podged that to the jars I used for balloons.  Found 'stache rings at Decor and the paper is from Hob Lob as well.  The wooden mustaches were from Garrett's photo booth at his party.  The decor for both tables total was less than $4.00.  Oh wait, just kidding.  I added the red and white M&M's at the last minute.  It needed a little more red and these new white chocolate mint Christmas M&M's were perfect. and yummy.
 I got the onesie, shirt, and stache iron-ons at Hobby Lobby, too.  And I made Addie's skirt.

 Body slams and kisses.

 Garrett was a big fan of the mustache straws.

And guess who blew out the candle before dad even had a chance??
 The guys were joking that this picture would go on facebook as the surprise announcement of our secret pregnancy/3rd child.  (She belongs to our friends Josh and Sarah.)
 Addie was curious/jealous/confused about this tiny little thing mom was giving attention to.

 The guys and the kids.  There was talk of all the women working full-time and the dads starting a daddy home school program.
 I even rocked some 'stache accessories myself.

The party was last night.  Today we had a lazy morning at home.  Later on we went with extended family to Claim Jumper for dinner.

Garrett ate a whole bowl of mac 'n cheese.  Quite possibly the first time he's ever eaten an entire serving of anything in his life.
 Another candle that Garrett got to first.
 Paul rockin' his new golf clothes from his parents.  Yes, he will wear those on the golf course, (with pride).
 And the 3rd candle that Garrett got to before Paul could even think of a wish.
Tonight I asked Garrett if he's going to help Addie with her candle in a couple days too.  He quickly responded, "Yeah!!"  And then he did a little practice blow.

Happy Birthday, Paul.  Thanks for taking such great care of the kids and me.  We love you.

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Heidi Rogers said...

Happy Birthday Paul!

The mustache on Addie's bottle is hilarious. :)

Isn't it fun now that our younger kids are getting big enough to "play" with their older brothers? I love it. It looks like Addie and Garrett have fun together.