Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Addie Turns One.

My little Lulu is one!  Her birthday was on Nov. 15th, and due to our pediatrician having a conference on the original date of our well baby check, she had to go on her birthday (for shots, too).

She's 29 inches tall. (40th %) She weighs 20 lbs. 6 oz. (40th %)  And her head is 47.5 cm. (96th %)  She's sloooowly evening things out!

We're having so much fun with this girl.  Words that she's saying on a regular basis are:
- Uh-oh
- Yeah!
- Mama
- Dada
- Hi
- Nigh night
-Ba (bottle)

I'm not a big sign language mom, but she knows 'more'.  (Garrett probably taught her.)

She (sometimes) folds her hands when we pray.  And just like Garrett used to do, she claps and says "Yeah!" when it's over.

When someone walks in the door she's so excited and says over and over, and louder and louder, "Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi! HI!!!"

She's a great eater most of the time.  And she likes most meat and most vegetables.

She stands and knows how to walk. The walking thing really started in Utah last week. (Video to come.)  But she very much still prefers her 'peg-leg' crawl. (Another video coming soon.)

We went to the White's for a ferry princess party the night of her birthday.  My in-laws went all out.  They built a table, Addie-height.  Made fun finger foods and let the kids go to town on it.  Garrett and Addie had a blast eating, playing and making messes.

 She has way too much in her mouth here, but she was happy!
 She even went for a hot dog with no hands!
 Here sis, wash it down with some sparkling cider.

 And then the really cool part.  My father-in-law ordered a dozen monarch butterflies that we released under the ferry tent.  It was awesome, but I felt kinda bad for the little guys.  They came, one each, in a tiny triangle box (top right), we'd open each box (bottom middle), and they'd spread their wings and fly out.  The kids LOVED it.  Addie cheered and Garrett got 'fluttered' (top middle).  After the party, they released them outside.  Apparently this idea is used at funerals, or probably mostly graveside services.  Oh, the things you learn about in the funeral business...
Addie got dolls, clothes, and toys... and even Garrett got some gifts.  Garrett gave Addie some Tow-mater teeth so I had to try them out.
Thanks for the fun, 'magical' party Phil and Bekah!  And Happy Birthday, Sweet Lu!

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