Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cupcakes. So. Many. Cupcakes.

There was an event in Whittier somewhere and the host asked me (by me, I mean the family business), to be a sponsor for the event and donate cupcakes for a dinner.  So I did it.  (I still got paid by the business, and the business gave them the cupcakes.  Black Friday is in a week, I can't afford to be a giver right now.)

I baked, frosted, and decorated almost 300 cupcakes in one day.

Fortunately, my MIL took Garrett to Disneyland for the day and Addie was a little angel here at home.

My mother in law isn't a picture taker, so I got a couple of Garrett right when he got home with his new stuff he got at Disneyland.  He was so excited.  And then he took a 3.5 hour nap!

 Addie...just licking a little cake batter off the floor.

We still found time to do some playing.

The rest of these are just randoms from earlier this week.

 "Mom, why did you let dad dress me?!?"

 One of Garrett's fish died over the weekend.  It was pretty hard on him.  He'd cry and point to the toilet with a shaky bottom lip and say "fish?"  So we went to the pet store for a new one.  This is Perry.  Garrett was so excited about him that he gave him a little squeeze in the bag.  I put Perry alone in a vase for a while to recover from the welcome-home hug, and then he joined his roommates and seems to be doing fine.

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Heidi Rogers said...

Oh so sad about Garrett's fish. :( I am laughing about Addie licking batter off the floor. :D