Saturday, September 8, 2012

Viewing/Funeral pictures

The viewing.

Playing outside, waiting for Jordon and Kate and baby B to come and pick them up from the viewing.  (Left picture is B and Addie.)
 The viewing just before the service. 

The cemetery.  My grandparents' 6 children were the Paul Bearers.
Each family got a picture by the grave.  Ours was the only one with the sun behind us and one person cut out. :(

 All of the homes in my Grandparents neighborhood have these flowers planted in the yards.  The ladies who put on the luncheon (and live in that neighborhood) all picked flowers from their yards to use as centerpieces.  And of the dozens of flowers that were gathered, there was only one white one.  They told my Grandpa that when they noticed that, that it would be a good representation on my one of a kind Grandma.
Garrett spent a lot of time chasing the ladies at the luncheon.  And my cousin in law, Clark, (bottom right) talked to Grandpa about being his new barber because Grandma had been Grandpa's barber for years and years and Clark is in barber school.
25 of the 35 Garrett Grandkids.  Some had already left when we thought to do a picture, and a couple couldn't make it.

I feel like when people think about how they hope to grow old, they describe close to what my Grandparents had together for over 71 years.  (And 4 years of dating before that.)  My Grandma started dating my Grandpa at age 14 and was with him for a total of 75 years!  Can you even believe that?!  She died at almost 90 years old and my Grandpa is 93 years old.  They raised 6 kids together, all of whom live within 30 minutes of them.  They have 35 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren, and 3 greats on the way. (No, not from me.) They've always had great health.  But my Grandma got shingles 6 years ago, and has had pain from nerve damage since, which was the first thing we all commented on, that she'd be thrilled to be free from that pain.  The other thing that a lot of people mentioned was that she probably went on a search for C.S Lewis.  She was a big fan.  She even wrote him a letter once.  AND HE HAND WROTE A LETTER BACK TO HER.  Crazy, right?  Anyway, neither of my grandparents needed assisted living.  They always had enough.  And they loved each other.  They have a lot to be proud of and happy about.  Grandma is leaving quite a legacy behind.  And I hope she's proud.

I feel a lot of peace knowing that I have no regrets when it comes to my relationship with my Grandma.  I talked to her about everything I ever wanted to talk to her about.  I spent a lot of time with her.  She was proud of me.  She knew how much I cared about her and loved her.  It makes all of this a little easier knowing this.

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Platt Family said...

I know this is late, but your sweet post about your grandmas funeral made me cry. The heartache that comes from losing grandparents is so hard! I am so sorry for your families loss! Was she sick? She looked so well In recent pictures you took. So sorry again, love ya! Huges to your mom and family!