Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cell phone photo dump

I hate it when I take pictures of an event or a vacation with my camera and my phone, but I do it all the time and then I forget to combine them when I blog.  So, here are some random pictures.

Garrett was protecting himself from the wind.  It was a super windy visit to Grandma's grave a couple days after the funeral.
Hanging on so he doesn't blow away!
 Playing tag with Great-Grandpa.
 Addie practicing her assisted walking with Grammy.
 Snuggle time for Garrett and Grammy after a long week.  (We also have one of those gigantic teddy bears at our house, and after a Grammy-Garrett trip to Costco, my mom said 'it just jumped in her cart!'
 Every once in a while, when the kids are asleep, and I'm cleaning up from the day and enjoying a little peace and quiet, I come across something like this and I remember how much I love my babies all over again.
 Garrett getting a little shut eye on a comfy (?) floor.
 Waiting for Taylor to get home so we could crash at his apartment in St. George on our way back to California.  I love when Garrett sleeps on me...few and far between.

 We went to visit a widow that lives by my parent's.  My dad checks in on her and always brags about the kids so she wanted to see them.  Garrett and Addie were crazy about her cat.

She's so cool.

 This was his post-bath face for me.  Right after this, he flashed me and laughed.  Silly kid.
 Addie doesn't even use the bouncer anymore but it's still in the corner of the living room.  Every once in a while Garrett climbs in with his snack.

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Carlie Sue said...

your kids are so cute! and I love how great you are at taking pictures of the little things and enjoying your time as a mom. The picture of the two of them on the raft on the pool is darling, but did make my heart skip a beat! :)