Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finishing up the trip to Utah (part 1)

Right after we got home from the funeral, Paul and I changed clothes and headed to a wedding.  It was a nice way to end a hard day.  Congrats to Cat and Levi!

Paul went home or the second week and then came back to get us the next weekend.  While he was gone we had a Germany Reunion.  All the families who knew each other in Germany got together for a pool party and barbecue.  It was so great to see everyone, and so fun that you can go years without seeing people, and then pick right back up like you're best friends again.  Good times.
 Playing in the backyard.  Addie tried to climb the slide.  She looked back at me and flipped off the side.  She's fine.
Sitting with Grammy.
 She ate a little too much sidewalk chalk.
 Addie's got Garrett pinned!  AND she stole his sippy cup.  I think G needs a new workout plan.
Splish splashin'
 Peach pickin'
Grandpa took us on a tour of all the homes he's ever lived in.  But before we drove to the first home, he wanted to go by the capital.  He was trying to get us as close to the southwest lawn as possible, and when we got as close as we could, he said, "Well anyway, that's where Grandma and I used to make out."  It cracked me up.  I've never heard my grandpa say 'make out' before.

 Great Grandma Gray's house.  It had 5 units in it.  Grandpa moved Grandma and baby Aunt Shauna into one of the units when he went away to war.
 This was the entrance to their little one bedroom place in the big house.
 Grandma and Grandpa lived above a bakery here on 21st south.
 The next three are childhood homes. (I think)

 The only home I don't have pictured here is the one that I lived in too.  It was in Sugarhouse on the corner of 21st south and 14th east.  It is now a Blue Boutique.

This is the Centerville home they've lived in for the past 6 years.
 Kisses for Great-Grandpa.
We also went to Swiss Days in Midway.  Mara was working up in Heber for the day, so she met us for some shopping and lunch.

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