Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Things I love about parenthood right now:

Addie rolled over today for the first time! (Actually Paul said she did it once at 3 weeks, but it was a fluke.) Today may have been a fluke too, but I saw it and it's just as exciting with kid #2! Glad I was watching, cause it happened on the couch and could have easily resulted in an injury. She went from back to tummy. She's been pushing with her feet and leaning to her shoulder a lot, but I didn't think she'd make it all the way over this soon.

Garrett has this new vigorous marching in place, arms swinging, giggling dance thing that he does and it is so darn cute.

Addie watches me wherever I go in the room, and smiles whenever I look at her, which is a lot, because I love looking at her.

Garrett stands by the fridge and holds onto the handle when he's thirsty, if I don't respond fast enough he smiles and points over and over. Not so looking forward to when he can pull the door open.

Addie takes long naps now! Like two 3+ hour naps a day. Yesterday her second nap was 4 hours. Makes for a happy baby and a happy mom. The nights are still the same. Usually one wake up that just requires a binky and she's right back to sleep, and one early morning feeding and she falls back asleep when she's full.

Garrett walks out to the living room when I get him out of bed in the morning and let's out a big dramatic sigh as he looks around. Kind of like a "Ok-I'm-well-rested-and-these-toys-aren't-going-to-play-with-themselves-so-I-better-get-started" kind of a sigh. I love it.

Addie's done with colic. (Knock on wood/she probably was getting over it by the time we made it to the doctor, or never really had it. OR, the medicine works great.) She's a content, happy little girl. She fusses less now than she ever has and the days with her are very peaceful. We still give her medicine, usually once, at the most twice in 24 hours and we could give it to her 6 times, but never have. She's very curious and likes to see what's going on, just like her brother, but she's really become 'chill', just like I (used to) describe her brother.

And the other 'Parenthood'... Do you watch it?? If I had to pick one show to watch and give up everything else, I would absolutely choose 'Parenthood'. Brilliant writing, incredible acting, amazing dialog style. I love everyone in it, and everything about it. It really gets me thinking about real life and makes me want to be a better parent. As I was sobbing while watching last nights episode, I looked at Paul (who was also crying), and said, "I can't believe I have to wait a week for the next episode!" I felt so happy for Jasmine and Crosby, and so heartbroken for Joel and Julia. Like I know them personally and like it's a true story or something! ...That's good TV. Today when Paul came up for lunch he said, "So... have you been thinking about Parenthood?" I said, "Yep, all morning. I even feel like I need to blog about it." I can't even begin to explain the family it's about, each of their stories, and how they all intertwine, (except that it's about a couple, their 4 adult children, and each of their families), but it's worth checking out.(There's a baby, a boyfriend, and (hopefully...we'll find out next week) another baby missing from this picture.)


Heidi said...

I have to admit when I read the title, then started to read the post, I was a little disappointed it wasn't about the TV show. HOWEVER, Garrett sighing in the morning??? That is adorable. And yes, Parenthood is the only show I watch now. It's my favorite show I've ever watched and I gave up all other shows this year. I cried and cried during last night's episode.

Carlie Sue said...

Yes we watched it and yes I cried and laughed and cried some more! Holy cow I was freaking out because #1 i have to wait a whole week to watch it, and #2 next week is the season finale and it's going to be good, and they are going to make me wait till September till I can see it again! I'm hooked. I will admit, I think its an incredible show. glad you blogged about it! :)

Sarah said...

Love Parenthood! One of my best friend's sisters had the exact same thing happen to them as happened to Julia and Joel. So heartbreaking and sad. BUT after five months of parenting, the birth mom had a change of heart and yesterday they were able to adopt the baby they had hoped for and planned on. Isn't that crazy?! It's definitely a happy ending for my friend's sister, but adoption is such a hugely emotional thing for everyone involved. I think the show just did a great job of capturing that.