Monday, February 13, 2012

visitors from utah and alaska

My brother and his wife came to California to spend a couple days at Disneyland with her family, but they stayed with us and we got to spend a couple days with them too. It happened to be the week before Garrett's surgery and my parents were planning to come out during that time anyway, so we had a full house but it worked out perfectly.

Garrett is my little helper boy. He wants to assist with everything from laundry, to garbage, to sweeping and dusting. He really slows me down, but I try and be patient because he's always so proud of himself when I say "Thank you for helping!" He smiles and bounds around so happy looking for the next thing to do.We met up with Tay and Sam at Disneyland one evening for a couple of hours.We went on a picnic with Grammy and Grandpa.We had a pizza party and everyone got to make their own. Garrett loved being able to do whatever he wanted with his pizza. Playing with food was finally allowed and he loved it.Yep, he must be my kid. :)He was so happy when Grammy helped him put the baby carrier on with his puppy inside. He couldn't quite figure it out on his own.His favorite book that I got at a library sale for a quarter. We read it over, and over, and over... Even Garrett has it memorized and he's made up little actions for different parts of the story.We went to the Santa Monica Pier. Watching Garrett torment these pigeons was the highlight of the day. He was fearless, walking through them, grabbing their tails, scaring them away. Even getting flapped in the face didn't stop him.We had a Super Bowl party. I dressed the kids as footballs. And as you can see, Garrett was so thrilled about it that he was overcome with emotion.Garrett had his surgery (that I already wrote about) on Monday the 6th. Tay, Sam and my dad all left that day. My mom had a ticket to leave that Wednesday, but because of Garrett's strict schedule of soaking in the tub several times a day, ointments, medicine, etc, she decided to stay til Saturday night. I'm SO thankful she did. Thankfully the kid loves the tub, but it was very time consuming. I only gave him one bath that week and he had about 20 over those 4 or 5 days. Thank you Grammy!And just a few things I maybe never mentioned. I had mastitis again a few weeks ago and had to take an antibiotic again. I also took a milk thinner to help push the infection through, and a milk producer to help with a low supply on one side because of a damaged milk duct when I had a lump removed after Garrett was born. Addie had a clogged tear duct and had drops for a few days because it was slightly infected. She also is taking her tummy drops, just twice a day, not 6 times, and she's had a great couple of days. We also tried gripe water with her too. And then Garrett... Pain meds, pro-biotics, laxatives, ointments... Glad Paul is healthy! Actually we are all very healthy, but looking at my counter top at the moment, you'd think otherwise.

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