Saturday, February 11, 2012


When Addie was born I said she 'wasn't a crier'. The older she's gotten the more fussy she's become. People we hang out with who didn't know Garrett as a baby are surprised when I say I think she's pretty fussy. My mom pointed out last week that I was really spoiled with Garrett and that Addie's fussiness is that of a pretty normal baby. But over the past few days it's gotten worse and worse. Most days lately she's too uncomfortable and upset for me to nurse, so I pump and then getting her to take the bottle is a challenge, too. A lot of back arching, grunting, leg kicking, gas, head flailing, etc. It got bad enough yesterday that I had to leave for a few minutes. My mom insisted and I'm so thankful she was here. Garrett and I went and got frozen yogurt. When we got back the crying was still going on. My mom took over again and sent me to bed in tears. Paul got home and my mom insisted that he and I go to dinner. Addie was falling asleep as we left so I felt ok about it. But when we got home my mom said she's had a pretty rough hour or so of inconsolable crying. It began again when we got home. It wasn't normal. I was worried and overwhelmed. I wanted to go to Instacare. Paul was a little less urgent. But even my mom, (who admits that we never went to the doctor as babies for anything), told Paul she really thinks Addie's in pain, and that we should probably go, even if just for my own peace of mind. (She'd woken up 5 times in 8 hours the night before, and she'd only napped for about an hour total all day yesterday. She's not a great napper, but the nights are never that rough, and we usually get about 3 hours worth of naps a day.)

We loaded up and headed to the Instacare. The doctor checked everything, and ruled out everything, except Colic. I thought Colic started in the first couple weeks, (and maybe it did, just not so bad) but I've read all kinds of things now like, it can start anywhere from birth to 5 months. Most babies though, are over it around 4 months, it peaks between 3 and 4 months, it can last up to 6 months. Once diagnosed, the worst of it lasts 2-3 weeks. Etc. I think a lot of parents self diagnose their babies with Colic when they have a fussy day or two, and I'm sure a lot of doctors over-diagnose babies with Colic when everything else checks out normal. But there's been a big enough change in Addie this week, that I feel pretty confident about what the doctor said.

As we were leaving last night with a "Good luck" and an "I'm so sorry", another doc overheard us and told us about some prescription tummy drops to try. They sent it into CVS and we gave her some last night. She was out of control screaming when we got home, but when we got her calm enough to take the drops she calmed right down ans started cooing and smiling. Maybe a fluke...but it sure was nice. We swaddled and fed her and she went right to sleep, and only woke once in 11 hours for a quick and calm breastfeed, and is still asleep now. I'm sure there are some rough days ahead, but I know it won't last.

In the meantime, I'm coming up with a plan to handle it the best we can. That plan includes several one on one dates with Garrett. He's such a tender little sweetie.


ErinandShane said...

Your mom sounds like a saint!

Becks said...

Did the doctor check her at all for reflux? The squirming and the back arching and the refusing to nurse sounds like reflux (even if she isn't spitting up, she can have silent reflux where she swallows the stomach acid back down). My son James had really severe reflux, and he was really actually in a lot of pain :( It took me 10 weeks to figure out what was going on, and 6 months to finally find a good pedi who know what she was talking about! I thought he was just a colicy baby, but he was actually in a lot of pain, and once he got on medication he was like a totally different child!

cindat said...

Colic is no fun! Seth had it, and you are right, it goes away. I changed my diet significantly taking out all raw vegies and tomato products. It seemed to help, but who knows he may have been on his way to getting better anyway. I will be praying for you and for Addie's little tummy to settle down. Bless you Mama!

Carlie Sue said...

My sister in law gave me something called a miracle blanket and it helps so much with max and his colic. it also is the reason he sleeps so well at such an early age, its totally one of my mommy must haves now. When Max cries like Addie does I just wrap him up, hold him on his left side and he stops crying. You are blessed to have your mom there!