Monday, August 16, 2010

To Do:

I was a little worried that I was going to be bored not working before the baby comes, so I made a list a couple of weeks ago of everything I need to do before his arrival, I've been just fine keeping busy, and I still have plenty to do.

The Nursery/Baby stuff
-Stain and hang frames --done
-Stain and hang shelf --done
-Wash, fold and hang all the baby clothes
-Buy mattress --done Thanks mom, Grandma and Aunt Barbara
-Make the bed, or make the crib? --done Thanks mom
-Hang wood cover above swamp cooler
-Decide about curtains. Do I want then? Should I (mom) make them? Buy them? --done Thanks mom, and I finally helped on something fabric related. Miracle.
-Finish making and hang mobile --done
-Finish and hang name frames (They probably wont be hung until after he's born, in case we have visitors who are trying to find out his name...we know you're out there. ;)) --done
-De-junk piles of baby books, hospital packets, birth class paper work, etc. Everything related to the pregnancy gets stacked in the nursery and I need to find new places for all of it. --almost done
-Make burp cloths

Our Room
-Print pictures and hang picture frames that have been sitting on my night stand for weeks
-Make new pillow cases so our room will finally start to match

The Den/Project Room

-Find places for my stacks of clothes that don't fit right now.
-Organize and condense wood stuff
-De-junk and get rid of more stuff
-Sell our electric piano
-The ultimate goal for this room is to be able to comfortably fit 2 or 3 air mattresses on the floor.

Misc. around the house
-Dust, vacuum, deep clean everything
-Clean windows
-Bug spray all the windows outside

Me (us) Stuff
-Make a few freezer meals --started
-Finish writing birth plan --done
-Finish hospital check list
-Write Thank You notes --started
-Go on walks, get massages, go to chiropractor a few more times, go to maternity exercise class a couple times a week. --doing
-Pack for hospital

I have 27 days. Give or take a few...


Platt Family said...

I love that you have made so many things for your sweet baby! You are so good to keep the name a secret, it would drive me crazy not to tell! Email me and tell me how to make a mobile, Carters broke along itme ago and I never got one for Lucas, but would love one for Porter! I have a new email,

shauna/doug said...

I didn't realize that you were such a "list maker". It must be hereditary. I still can't get over it either. Looks like you really like crossing off too, you are getting lots done. Good job.