Friday, August 27, 2010


I heard something at my front door a couple hours ago and I thought it was the guy who mows our lawn, but I looked out the window and no one was there. A while later I went to take some garbage out and there was a huge (heavy) box sitting at my door. I looked at the label and realized it was for some guy I don't know who lives 8 blocks from here. Not even kind of my address. It annoyed me so bad! ...maybe it shouldn't have, but it did. I carried the box in, thought about driving it to the guys house, and then decided to call FedEx. Took awhile on the phone with a machine who didn't understand anything I said, got put on hold, talked to a real person who didn't understand anything I said. And finally I was told that the delivery guy would be called and I could just leave the box outside so I wouldn't be bothered. So I did.

I just checked a few minutes ago to make sure the box was gone, and there was another box sitting there. But this one was for me! My guess is that the guy down the street got my Balboa Baby box and I got his audio equipment box. My sister-in-laws best friend designs for Balboa Baby so she told me to pick out some stuff, and it came today. I wasn't sure what I even picked, but I think I love it! A way cute nursing cover, and an even cuter adjustable sling.

Getting my own box of fun stuff made my grumpiness go away. :)

And, Thanks Sis!!!

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Crystal said...

So I want to see a pic of the cute nursing cover. Also I love the story. I seriously HATE how FedEx just knocks and turns around and gets right back in the truck....especially on the packages that you are supposed to sign for.