Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look what I made

So most of the (all of the) time when I say anything about buying fabric and sewing/quilting/crocheting/knitting anything, it means I have this cute idea, I wish I was talented, and I hope my mom doesn't mind yet another project. She did a lot for the baby before she left for vacation and she took a project with her to Europe to make for him, and there is a thing or two that she's so willingly agreed to make when she gets home.

I've had a stack of cloth diapers and some fabric that I was planning to make into burp rags...but after a couple weeks I kind of gave up on the idea. And then Tuesday I got another idea from a friend of mine. They're called 'babylegs.' Probably mostly for girls, but the website had some cute boy ones. My friend sent me a DIY tutorial and it seemed simple enough. They are pretty expensive to buy finished, but the DIY way they are made out of knee socks. I went and bought 6 pairs of socks. But when I got home with a bag of socks and looked at the bag of burp cloth stuff I had no motivation (and no idea how) to make anything.

But yesterday morning I woke up determined.

I grabbed the bags and headed to my parents house. I pulled out my supplies, cut all the pieces, and failed at the sewing machine. The sock instructions used a zig zag stitch and I couldn't get the needle to move. Let alone figure out how to make it zig and zag. But my mom also has a serger. I went for it and it worked! I think the serge stitch is better (more durable), faster, and easier than a sewing machine.

Here's what I made yesterday! 4 burp rags, serged around the edges, and big stitches by hand down the middle.And these are babylegs. They are leg warmers for babies. You can put them on under pants if you're going out on a cold day, or if you're just hanging around the house in the winter you can put the baby in a onesie and just slide these on their little legs. I think I found a couple that will work for a boy, and I'm sure someday someone will have a girl and the other ones will get put to use!

Here's the finished product.
Here's the before, cut up, and done picture of a pair. It took about 10 minutes to make a pair from start to finish. Way easy, and so cheap!
Here's some cute little babies showing off what babylegs are.
And these are a couple tied quilts that my mom finished for me before she left, but I did help tie these ones.If you can't tell, I like the handmade stuff over store bought, even though it's more work and sometimes more expensive.


Sarah said...

Yay! Your babylegs (and burp cloths and quilts) are so cute! I'm envious that you have access to a serger - it's definitely the way to go for babylegs so the seams are nice and clean inside.

shauna/doug said...

Oh you cutie! They are darling. Baby legs out of knee sox. Good job. Darling quilts. Gosh, it is getting close and you are really prepared. Keep up the good work. You will feel much better in about a month!

Tera said...

Wow Andrea! You are a talented mommy. The babylegs are wonderful. I've never heard of such a thing. So cool!