Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 unrelated things

1. Paul and I each had a baby girl dream two nights in a row. He had a strange swimming pool, diving board birth, Samoan baby girl dream on Saturday night. And then Sunday night I had a dream that I was telling Heidi, Cat and Deb about Paul's dream and I didn't realize that my baby I was holding was a girl until Heidi complimented her dress. But it's a boy.

2. We finished our birth class last night. We feel really good about all we've learned. The nursery is done. The birth plan is complete. The bags are pretty well packed. And the emergency bucket of supplies for the car is ready. Now we just go to the doc once a week and wait...

3. Speaking of waiting. I went into work yesterday. Yes I quit my job but I had a couple projects I wanted to finish. I've worked 6 hours in 3 weeks. Exhausting. ;) Anyway, a co-worker asked how close I was and I said, "just over 37 weeks." He said, "So any day now!" He's like the 10th person who has said that in the past week. I thought "any day now" started at 39.5 weeks. But 37 is full term, and if labor started my doc wouldn't be concerned and it would just happen. That's weird to think about... I kinda miss the crafty world I used to live in. I found this online and thought it fit!4. Paul and I are grown-ups. Why? Because we got a land line installed in our house. Isn't it just grown-up, settled down, old people that have home phone numbers? Once our promo with comcast was over, our cable and internet bill was cheaper if we added digital voice. So we did. I don't know our number and no one else does either (except telemarketers!) So when it rings I don't even look at the caller ID and I never answer it. But if the TV is on and the phone rings the caller ID shows up on the TV screen. It's actually kind of annoying.

5. We had a movie night on Sunday with some of Paul's co-workers and their families. We watched 'Newsies'. (Paul's idea) He actually had to go buy it that day because we didn't own it and he really wanted to watch it. It's funny how cool those kind of movies are when you're young and how funny and cheesy they are when you're old. The same thing happened to me and my brother Taylor in Hawaii with 'Harry and the Hendersons.'


Heidi said...

I haven't seen Harry and the Hendersons in forever! I think I need to buy that for my bro for Christmas this year... :D

Daniel said...

Landline? What's that :)
I don't know why those are still included in bundles anymore...seriously.