Thursday, July 29, 2010

(un)productive conversation

I was talking (venting) to Paul a few nights ago about a little situation that is driving me crazy. I talked and talked and he listened and listened.

When I was finished I said, "Ok, now you can respond. But just so you know I don't want you to try and fix anything, and I don't want you to point out any of the things I said that you don't agree with."

I paused.

He looked at me...

Then I said, "So, yeah, just tell me everything I said that you agree with."

He did a pretty good job considering the crazy, unrealistic, unproductive rules.

Ahh, life.



Adrian said...

Love the shirt. Hilarious. You look so cute.

megantonesforever said...

I was just going to say what Adrian said... so, ditto.

Elizabeth said...

lol. I totally say that to my husband too. haha.