Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Official...

...I'm quitting my job.

Friday is my last day.

It feels so weird to say that.

I'll still go in a couple times in August to finish training my replacement and to help train her replacement, and to tie up all the loose ends. But as far as a regular schedule, that all ends at the end of July.

Paul and I have talked a lot about what this time in our lives would look like, and let me just say how much I love that man.

I've hoped my whole life that when kids came along I'd be in a place where I could stay home, but now that that time is very near and I'm blessed enough to be able to be home, I'm scared. It's a big transition into a little bit of the unknown (or a lot of bit.) But ultimately I'm looking forward to the change.

I'm so blessed to have the husband that I do. I love that our son and I are his priority and he works so hard and is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for us. As if being a funeral director/marketer/case manager/head of Ogden funeral home location isn't enough, Paul recently spend several weeks studying and preparing for an insurance test to become licensed to sell pre-need insurance. (Pre-planning your own funeral) And he passed the test! I'm a proud wife and I admire his drive and motivation and work ethic.

People can see very quickly what a good, honest and hard working person he is. And he's so good at what he does. I've heard him on the phone with families, been to some funerals with him, and even met with a couple families with him. He has such a natural way of connecting with people who are grieving and he makes everyone he works with feel like the are the only person to ever lose a loved one. It's quite amazing.

He did a funeral for a good friend I work with who's brother in law took the life of his girl friend and then his own. It was a devastating time for this family and I was with them and Paul through the whole thing and I was so proud of him and amazed at all the comments I heard from people who didn't know I was with him. They invited us back to their family lunch after the service and they treated Paul like royalty. (Royalty is a big word, but I can't think of a better one.) Paul would disagree but he's a lot more humble than me.

A couple days later there was another funeral of a co-worker of mine who also took her own life. Paul didn't do this service, and later when it was all done and we were all back at work I was talking to my boss and he told me that I needed to tell Paul that if there is ever another Wood Co funeral and he's not in charge of it, that he still needs to be there to make sure everything goes ok. I just laughed and he continued by saying, just let him know that I'll give him a thousand dollars just to show up and he can even have an office somewhere in our store if he wants one. It was a joke, but a nice compliment.

(Ok, I'm done gushing.)

We were in California earlier this week for a funeral Paul did in Utah with burial in Southern California. We stopped by a flower shop and he introduced me to an old family friend. The man saw my stomach and congratulated us. He asked if it was a boy or girl and Paul said boy. The friends next comment was "Wow, that's exciting! The 7th generation funeral director!" I'd be lying if I said that thought hadn't crossed my mind, but hearing someone else say it made it sound much bigger. We don't know what our future holds and if funeral service will always be what we do, but I'm thankful that for now its providing what we need, and that its something that comes so naturally to Paul.

So there you have it, we're going from DINKs Dual Income No Kids, to a SAHP Stay At Home Preggo, and in a few short weeks a SAHM Stay At Home Mom.

Thank you, Paul. I love you.

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Paul said...

I love you too angel. ;-) Thanks for being worth it all!