Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy Long Week(end)

I've cut back so much at work that I'm starting to feel like everyday is the weekend. So here's what I've done this week. (thinking everyday was Saturday.)

-Had lunch with Sephra. Lot's of fun!
-Went back to blonde. Thanks Sara.
-Toured LDS hospital. Very impressed. Really nice staff.
Looking forward to pushing.

-Worked. Weird, I know.
-Went to Elen's birthday party at the park.
-Went to the Mchenry's at 8:00 to visit them, Cat and Kim.
Planned to stay for an hour. Got home just after midnight.

-Slept in til 9:15
-Worked on centerpiece ideas for Mara's wedding. Then we went to lunch and Toy Story 3. So much fun, love her.
-Went to Ian and Bethany's wedding. So many good friends, beautiful evening.
This is how I found Paul a few minutes after we got home from the wedding.
-Realized it was actually Saturday.
-Breakfast at Mimi's with lots of great friends, most are here from CA.-Taught a class at Wood Co. for 3 hours.
Thanks Kim, Deborah and Shannon for coming to visit me.
-Date night with my hubs, Rachel and Codee, and Nate the Great.
Mini golf, In N Out, face painting (Nate's favorite thing in the world) and ice cream.
I thought this was my 32 week picture, but it turns out yesterday wasn't Saturday.
So here's week 32. (Not sure what happened to my face...or to me. I think I'm just sick of taking the same picture over and over.) And now we're getting ready for tomorrow and the next adventure. I need a nap...

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shauna/doug said...

Loved seeing all your pics. And the pics of you are great. Looks like you might have a big baby. OK, I had two 10 lb. and 2 10.2 lb. and they were natural. You can do it girl! Makes me happy you are doing it that way. You forget how much it hurts really fast. I will be cheering for you. Love you so.