Sunday, December 27, 2009

Project 365: Week 52

December 21
Busy night! After work I had a lot to do to get ready for tomorrow. Christmas snuck up on me again. Busy, busy, busy! Paul has a(nother) work party tomorrow, and I made the mistake of deciding to make everyone he works with a Christmas craft and treats. And I have a girls night party tomorrow night that I needed to get gifts ready for. Haven't even started on my co-worker gifts yet! Here's some of what I did tonight.December 22
Today I worked, left for a couple hours to go to Paul's office for lunch, and to pick up my car from the shop. Buying cars in December is lame, cuz then you have to register them in December, and if you have a bad tire you have to spend $120 on a new one before it passes inspection, oh and if the check engine light is on you have to pay $970 to get the light to go off. Merry Christmas to me. Then tonight me and 4 friends had a "Favorite Things" party. We met at Olive Garden for dinner and then came back to my apartment for desert and gifts. We all brought 4 of the same gift (under $3 each) and exchanged some of our favorite things. It was really fun! Thanks ladies! December 23
I feel like this is my 4th or 5th batch of "stuff" for people. I need a new plan next year for neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc. I don't like feeling like my kitchen/apartment is a huge production line the week of Christmas. But I do it every year. This is my last batch before Christmas. It's for my co-workers. I still have to do stuff for family, friends, and my father in laws employees out in California, but I can cheat and make those Christmas treats after Christmas.December 24
Tonight we celebrated Christmas eve at the Greenhalgh's (my parent's). We decorated gingerbread houses. (A tradition that came to an end this year until we all start making babies) Then we had dinner and exchanged sibling gifts. We all got some good stuff! These are name signs that my sister in law Laura made for me, Neally and mom. So cool!! We love them.December 25
Merry Christmas. Today was a good day. Christmas at home with just my hubby and I. We got way spoiled by each other. Clothes, ipod speaker thing, leopard print snuggie, cologne, perfume, DVDs, seahawks and packers blankets, a gun (to me), games, puzzles, way too much stuff. And then right as we finished my parents and taylor showed up. They'd been downtown feeding the homeless, (such saints) so we threw together a yummy breakfast. Then later in the afternoon we had lunch with everyone at Auntie and Uncle Jon's. (I think a longer Christmas/Holiday post will come soon...maybe)December 26
Paul is on call this weekend and had a funeral today so my mom and I went shopping. It was busy, probably busier than black friday. Then we went to lunch. Then Paul came to my parents house and we made pizza and played games. This is Paul pretending like its ok that I needed 2 pairs of brown boots and two black sweaters. Men don't understand. But I got a nice little unexpected bonus from my boss, so I justified it.December 27
These are my cousins Elisabeth and Brennon. Elizabeth is going on an LDS mission to Washington state next week and her farewell was today. She's so cute, she's my cousin from Ukraine.

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It's crazy you are almost done with your Project 365! I am so impressed!