Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365: Week 51

December 14
I love this little nativity. It makes me happy everyday.December 15
Today was a bad day. Just a lot of stuff. This is my squishie. A flat little down pillow that I've slept with for about 14 years. I love it. It goes everywhere I go. And the husband doesn't mind. On days like today I look forward to crawling in bed and sleeping with the squishie.December 16
Tonight Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Barbara, Mom, Dad and Taylor came down for Christmas dinner. I like to have my grandparents down at sometime during the Christmas season and tonight was the night. It was really fun. Weird picture that I guess no one knew I was taking, but still, proof we had dinner.December 17
Taylor and I went shopping tonight for a little sub for santa we are doing. I saw this. People are so creative and talented. Love the Grinch.December 18
This sign is hanging on our tree. It says "PEACE". On Wednesday when my grandparents were here my grandma asked from across the room what it said and I told her. Paul spoke up and said, "Oh, I thought it said "Fence". He said it so casually. Men are so weird. So, what if it did say fence? Like, he doesn't think it's weird to have a Christmas "fence" sign? Know what I mean? Like in his mind was he thinking, Hmm, weird, fence in our tree...oh well...and never says anything to me? Anyway, now he keeps telling people to have a Merry Christmas and Fence on Earth. December 19
The Wood Connection Christmas party at Edison Street. (The old Organ Loft.) It's an old person "club". It was SO FUN. My boss plays the drums here. It was so entertaining. Here I am on stage with 2 co-workers, Sheila and Kelly and my boss, Rick.December 20
Tonight my family and I got together and wrapped a bunch of gifts to take over to my friend Kelli's house. She's married and has 2 darling kids and she has cancer. We decided to help them out this year with Christmas. It was really fun to spend some time with them. She is amazing. Strong, positive, and such a great mom.

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Elessar said...

Fence on earth and good will toward men.