Sunday, December 13, 2009

Project 365: Week 50

December 7
I love this candle. It's one of the Jesus Mexican Catholic candles that are like a dollar. I know, nothing about the sentence sounded politically correct. But I still love the candle. And now it has a cute red and white ribbon around it. And no I didn't have to peel a bright stained glass looking sticker of the Virgin Mary off of it. It was blank when I bought it. I love candles, especially in December.December 8
Paul decided we needed another self portrait on the 365 post. So here we are. Today was a snowy snowy day. Long slow commutes to and from work, and not much of anything else.December 9
You know those days where you have like 4000 things on your 'to do' list? And you know that if one minute of the time you have budgeted for each item gets changed the whole day will be thrown off and life will be ruined? Today was one of those days. And then I pulled into my parents drive way to pick something up, right on schedule and having about 45 seconds before the next task needed to begin. And then I saw this on their porch. 5 chubby adorable quail just sitting in a box. Cutest thing I've ever seen. I sat for about 5 minutes and just watched them. I took a couple pictures from inside my car, then I snuck out and took another before they all talked in bird language and all flew away at the same second. I love moments like these where I slow down for a minute.December 10
Party here tomorrow. So tonight was all about cleaning and getting the cooking done that I could. Here are some delicious looking rolls fresh from the oven.December 11
We had 6 friends over tonight for food, games, cookie decorating, and good times. Here are a couple of them decorating cookies. We had so much fun and wish we had more free time for friends!December 12
I worked today for a girl who was (not) sick. 12 out of the last 13 days have been spent at work. (Not bitter) It's our 6 month anniversary. (I'm not really into month anniversaries, but I wrote the date so many times today I couldn't help but notice.) We decided to go to dinner and a movie. (new, totally original idea.) But by the time we finished our chips and salsa at tres hombres I was ready to use my burrito as a pillow. I hit a wall. So we came hame and Paul watched a movie while I slept. But good news, I feel the end of the busy season on it's way.December 13
My mom and dad came over tonight for dinner/football/treat making/crafts. The boys watched football while my mom made honey roasted almonds for my neighbor gifts and I made block nativities for her neighbor gifts. It was a good, time saving trade off. Aww, Christmas. When I was young it NEVER came, and now I'm old and it ALWAYS comes too fast.

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Platt Family said...

Hey can you email me your moms recipe for her almonds? My mom is going to make some too and she wanted to see her recipe. Looks like you guys are having alot of Christmas fun!