Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project 365: Week 41

October 5
I finally got my welcome stand. Oh, that black thing is a welcome stand. I ordered it at swiss days and it finally got delivered. I played phone tag with the lady who makes them for like a week and then on delivery day it was obvious that the lady had a lot to deliver because no matter how short of an amount went between our conversations about scheduling and meeting (sometimes 10 minutes.) she NEVER knew who I was. Oh well, thanks to my mom for finally meeting up with her, I got it. I made the pumpkins on top. I like it.October 6
Some people (my mom) say my Christmas tree in real life and told me it looks smaller in real life. So here it is with a nickle. I'm a little worried about how quickly Christmas is coming.October 7
Heading to California tomorrow. Tonight we loaded up a bed we're giving my in-laws and some exercise equipment that we're adding to my father-in-laws gym.October 8
We both worked today and THEN headed to California. It was a LOOOONG drive. We got to CA at about 1:30 am.October 9
Construction is in full swing. This is above the mortuary, and someday that will be my living room.October 10
Robyn and Dave got married today! So happy for these two!! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. DC3.October 11
I knew I guy once who had a picture of himself online standing in front of this sign. I wondered for so long where it was, now I've driven past it like a million times.

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