Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project 365: Week 40

September 28
Our neighbors upstairs brought us these pumpkin cinnamon rolls tonight. I'm not a fan a pumpkin, but I just took a bite and it was so good. Maybe it's because I haven't eaten candy all month and the sweet tasted good.September 29
I bought a new garbage can today. Our kitchen one was way too small and I was sick of it. I think Paul was surprised at my choice, but I think it's cool.September 30
I made cookies tonight for Paul and I to take to our offices tomorrow. I missed work last week to be at the doc with him and his missed work today to take me to the doc. This was my way of saying sorry to our jobs. Oh, and me at the doc? Yeah, lump in the right boob. 2cm's big at 10 o'clock. (Picture the boob as a clock. Doc's words, not mine.) It was scarier than I'm making it sound right now, but my doc had an ultra sound done. Looks "normal"...whatever normal boob lumps look like. 2 more visits in the next 6 weeks, but they think I'm fine. So yeah, cookies.October 1
Thursday nights have become house cleaning nights for us. I told Paul he was in charge of the picture for today. This is what he came up with.October 2
Date Night! Because of being out of town and hospital visits we didn't have date night for 2 weeks. We went to Bahamian Brewery (Thanks Melly and Justin for the gift card.) It was SO GOOD! Then we went to see Love Happens. It was pretty cute. Plus Jennifer Aniston is my girl crush.October 3
Paul went with the boys in my fam to Priesthood tonight. So my mom and I did crafts (surprise) and went out to dinner. I love time with my mom. And forgot to pull out the camera when I was with her. So, this is what I made.October 4
Have I mentioned that Paul and I are students of Financial Peace University? We are. Becoming millionaires one dollar at a time. We're doing baby steps and budgeting and planning and saving and debt snowballing and emergency funding, and... ok, so I don't really know what we are doing because you learn very early on in the classes that in a marriage there is a nerd and a free spirit. The nerd saves receipts, saves statements, saves check stubs, saves money, etc. The free spirit, shops, spends, doesn't plan ahead, and doesn't pay much attention in class. Hey, somebody's gotta do it. I am proud to say though, that I got all out of debt besides my car before we got married. Go me. This is Paul working on our budget, I wasn't really involved in this project. There is word around our apartment that we have a budget meeting coming up. I know I get blow money every month, that's all I can confirm at this time.

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Randi said...

Lump in the boob, eh? Now you can start using all those breast cancer excuses we made up for Kristin!