Friday, October 16, 2009

There's gotta be a faster way to travel than in a car.

Paul and I go to California a lot. About once a month for the past 16 months. We usually fly, but once in a while we drive and every time we drive we remind ourselves that we're never going to drive there again. But we probably will.
Robyn and Dave got married last weekend. It was a great wedding. We're so happy for these 2 hot babes.
These are some of my favorite things from this short trip.

1. Getting a massage from the lady who massages my mother in law regularly. She came to the house and did it there. Heaven. My MIL (mother in law) has arranged this the past 2 times we've gone and I'm getting use to it. Yes, heaven.

2. Beautiful weather.

3. The apartment renovations coming along. It's not looking like a home yet, but a lot has changed and its exciting.
4. El Pollo Loco.

5. Robyn and Dave looking so cute and happy.
6. The icy fruity desert cup goodness at the reception.

7. Seeing all the BIOLA babes.
8. Ice from It's a Grind.

9. Being with our CA family.

10. Being able to meet up with Sode and Heidi on our way out of town. They are getting married at a winery in SoCal on May 1st. Can't wait! So happy for them!

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