Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project 365: Week 21

May 18
Season Finale of 24!! Amazing. Really Tony? Really?
May 19
Sara did some practice curls in my hair tonight for the wedding, this is my attempt at a self portrait. I think I'm wearing it down. Oh, and see all those envelopes on the tables? Most of the invites, ready to send.
May 20
May 21
My parents have this bush is their front yard and these flowers seem to bloom over night and then fall off and die within a day. It's sad because they are so beautiful! It's like those one flowers that only bloom like once a year for one night...or once a lifetime, or something. And it only lasts for like 5 seconds, or an hour maybe. It's in that one movie...I think the movie is 'Purple State of Mind'...remember? Anyway, it's like that but way less dramatic.
May 22
I decided I really need a pedi. And my mom deserved a break so I took her too. One of the best things ever, and look how cute our toesies are!
May 23
The mortuary Paul works for has a facility in St. George. The needed someone to be on call for Southern Utah for the holiday weekend because one of his bosses who lives is St. G had surgury in SLC. They asked Paul to do it and because it's over a long weekend (and because he can't live without me!) they said he could bring me. So here we are, just getting back from laying by the pool and dinner, staying in his bosses amazing empty house, no work to do, having a great, sunny, free vacation!May 24
I actually have a couple cute pictures of me and Paul from today, but this one still wins. That's a polygamist. I know they exist, but it still trips me out. We passed this suburban in the parking lot and saw wife #1 in the front seat, then they parked by us and wife #2 (seen here) got out of the back, let 2 boys climb out, then climbed back in. Dad and 2 boys went in to Jack In The Box and moms stayed in the car. Then we saw another one later at another store. How do they get those braids like that, and more importantly than that, why do they like them? Oh, and why those big full heavy long sleeve dresses in 95 degree weather? Oh, and why polygamy? It's so bizzare to me. (Don't judge me for taking this picture.)


RobyLynn said...

Andrea, I just have to say I LOVE reading your blog. I feel like I'm still a part of your life being so far away. You are getting so close to the wedding day! Yay!!! You're funny little comments always make me laugh... and your random pictures of plants and polygamists. So great!

Keeley said...

you crack me up. I see way weird stuff here all the time that I want to take pictures of, but I can never do it discreet enough!