Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Asian Halfsies

Occasionally I get too involved in a TV show. And it's always reality tv, with the exception of 24. (Which I've gotten so involved in that it seems like reality to me.) I talk about Tony and Jack like we're all lifelong friends and Jack and I are having a hard time dealing with the fact that Tony betrayed us, and what am I going to do if Jack dies?? Let's just hope it all gets resolved in the 2 hour finale on Monday and then we can all go on with our quiet lives. (And by 'go on with our quiet lives' I mean, see if Jillian finally finds love on The Bachellorette.)

Anyway, this post is not about that. It's about Americas favorite little family, The Gosselins.
I didn't get into this show until last season but I've seen enough reruns on TLC to be up to date. If you're at all familiar with Jon and Kate you've probably seen the tabloids about his alledged affair. So sad. I've watched several interviews with Kate and although she stays strong and stands by her man and family, she seems heart broken. I don't know if its true, but I've seen the pictures and whether it was an affair or not, Jon had some explaining to do. I'm saddest for the 8 little kiddos. The twins are old enough to get it and I'd imagine the 6 little ones can tell something is up with the family as well. I guess when you make your life public for a living it just comes with the job, but so sad.

Look at these little cuties! I've wondered why 'Jon and Kate Plus Eight' has been so popular and no one seems to care about '18 Kids and Counting' or 'Table for 12' and I think we're all hoping TLC isn't stupid enough to give the Octa-mom a show. I've decided it's because those half Asian babies are so dang adorable! You can't watch this show and not be happy at some little cute thing that the kids say or do. Paul and I were talking about it last night on a drive and I told him I really want an Asian Halfsie. He told me he'd see what we can do. He thinks he can probably make it happen if he eats a lot of Chinese food and tapes his eyes back when I'm ovulating. Too much info?? Sorry.

Anyway, I hope this all passes (I know it will) but I hope it all gets better and the family makes it through together.


Melanie said...

I LOVE that show! Partly because it makes me look like wife of the year- she could get a metal in nagging!

Cat said...

love it!!!!!

p.s. i take much pride in being an asian halfsie!! :)

Rin said...

I know, I'm addicted to this show, and I think for me it's the interviews with Jon and Kate. They crack me up! Seriously, they are so funny with the producer asks them questions and they both say different things and look at eachother, or when Jon has his little one liners (like when he was cutting the heart-shaped pancakes with the pizza cutter and goes "this is what you do to my heart"). It kills me :)

I too hope they can patch things up and make it work.