Thursday, October 23, 2008

moms are cool.

You'd think this would be a post like for mother's day, or my moms birthday, or cuz my mom did a super amazing thing for me today. But it's not. I hope that last part didn't sound like I think my mom doesn't do amazing things. My mom is pretty amazing and does amazing things for all us kids everyday that we don't thank her enough for, (like buying me lunch today, even though it was my idea, thanks mom!) as does my awesome dad who has worked hard and not bought cool tools and cars because he needed to buy health insurance for his "high risk" children, and pay for educations, help with car repair bills, buy food, medicine, diapers, clothes, toys, etc.

Anyway, but this one is mostly for moms. (not just my mom)

I've just been thinking about moms lately. I read a blog of my friend who is a very new mom (about 2 weeks) and this was a bit from the post.

"Let it go on the record that I could not have done this with out my mom. She takes the baby at night so I can try and get some sleep. We both get up for feedings. I pump, she feeds, I burp him and she cleans up the pump gear while I'm burping. We have quite the system down. I have no clue what I'm going to do when she goes home next week. She's also doing all the laundry, all the house work and all the day to day chores. I'm pretty much worthless."

When I read that I had to laugh. Not because I know what it feels like, but because it sounds like her mom is pretty much a professional mom, but I'd be willing to bet that her mom's mom did the same thing when this now "professional" mom was a "worthless" one. I bet my Grandma did it for my mom, I bet my mom with do it for me, and I bet I'll do it some day for my own child. I just love how life works and how moms just always figure things out. They know what needs to be fixed, when to talk, when to listen, when to gently suggest, and when to keep quite.

So this morning after thinking and reading about this, I was driving home from the gym. I was at a light and across the intersection, coming the other way, was a woman in a minivan. She caught my eye, because she seemed to be spazzing out a bit. She'd throw her hands in the air with a surprised look and then start laughing and shaking her head back and forth. I looked at the passenger seat and there was no one there, and she wasn't holding a phone. My next thought was, "wow, if she has a blue tooth headset in she's really taking this talking with your hands thing to a whole new level. She was ani-mated! Well, as I watched a little more I realized that she was looking in her rear view mirror when doing these little moves. And then as we passed each other I realized that there was a baby in the back seat that she was so happy about entertaining. I again laughed a little and thought, oh the things mom do for their kids. And oh how much I believe that those little things don't go unnoticed or are soon forgotten.

So, to all you moms, grandmas, future moms, and mother-in-laws out there, (but mostly my mom cuz she's my fave) Thanks for being moms everyday.


Anonymous said...

I love you!!!!

Platt Family said...

I love this post. Thanks!

kim said...

How bad would the world be without moms?! Cute post. I lvoe moms.