Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Las Vegas with the Girls

Kristin moved to Vegas in July and I hadn't been down to visit. I decided this last weekend would be a good time to go. Anne was on fall break and Kari had just got home from spending the summer in Alaska, so we piled in my car and headed down for a couple days.

Here are the top ten, quotes/highlights/inappropriate comments/adventures/etc.

*Disclaimer* ...well, I guess there is no disclaimer...some of this won't be funny and some of it might offend. (sorry mom)

1. "I look so fat! I'm as fat as those two!" (Anne said this while pointing at Kari and I in this picture, she meant "those two" collectively, but we took offense.)
2. H&M. Anne really wanted to go shopping at H&M. We GPSed it on Kristin's BlackBerry, and followed the directions step by step for about 20 minutes. It seemed weird, cuz we felt like we were headed into a neighborhood, but he trusted the GPS! We finally made a turn and the GPS voive said, "Your final destination is on your left." We were all like, WTF(reak)?? We were totally on a residential street. We found the house that GPS led us to, and sure enough, there was a truck there with H&M Unlimited on the side. It was a plumber. So funny! I really wanted to go in and meet Mr. and Mrs. Unlimited, but we thought they might be scared. We re-GPSed and finally found the store!
3. Highlights from an interesting conversation about morticians, cremation, and dead bodies in general. (Paul is also a licensed funeral director in the state of California, have I mentioned that?? That's how this conversation started.) Anne decided she'd be ok with people being cut up to make cremation easier. Me, not so ok with it. Anne, "I wouldn't cut my Mom or anything, but you're dead! Who cares?!" Kristin, (points at a random man sitting in IHOP) "Would you cut that guy in half?" Paul randomly calls and Kristin runs the idea past him. Paul, being the polite, patient, amazing man he is says, "That's a great idea Kristin, the only problem is that it's a Class A Felony." Later on, thinking we'd moved on, Anne randomly says, "I don't think you should cut bodies up without permission." And we digress...That's why Paul is the mortician and none of us girls are.

4. Kari tried to convince us that magpies aren't bad birds, but that they eat other birds eggs. Kristin, "Yes they are! If I scavenged and ate other peoples babies, I'd be bad!!"

5. Anne wanted to go to the real Paris but she settled for Paris on the strip instead...almost the same.

6. I tried to convince everyone that Hookah is in fact legal and not unhealthy. Anne, "Hookah was outlawed as a way to persecute Mexican Nationals."

7. Anne to Kristin, "Mustard on your hash browns?...that's cool."

8. I ran into my cousin Jake and his wife Jessica in front of the Bellagio. What are the odds?
9. "This Bellagio fountain show would be a lot better if Leonardo DiCaprio drowned at the end." This was kind of said by everyone at different times and no one heard each other say it but me. I heard everyone say it. It was weird, I thought they were all messing with me.
10. A lot of food, (Thai, American, Mexican, Mediterranean) a lot of fun, a lot of inside jokes, a lot of laughs, a lot of shopping, a little sleep, a lot of talking, a lot of driving, not enough time, and a cute house to stay in. Thanks Kristin! ...Oh, and we're all proud to be Americans!...even if we're half nazi.


Hoov said...

Next time you go to Vegas, you better f'in call me! I'm like 4 hours away and would totally go...especially since I heard alcohol mentioned! I thought we were friends...we don't just have to be cruise friends you know!

Bryon said...

The glass ceiling is one of my biggest fears. I'm always afraid it will fall on me...but worth the risk for that hotel

Kari said...

oh the insanity of that trip. good times!

Kristin said...

What happened to the Penis comment. I thought I read it on there. Did you edit?

it's me, andrea. said...

There was once a peni in the top ten Kristin, but my good little Christian side decided to keep it family friendly.

Kristin said...

You also took out my sacrifice on the alter of good friendship and the trip to the liqour store. WTF.

Kristin said...

and the douche comment!! This blog is only true as far as it is translated correctly and I am losing faith.

it's me, andrea. said...

Douche never made it to the top 10...I actually forgot about it, but it probably woulda been cut anyway. The only removed ones were peni and alcohol. And wow, you read this post way too much. Did you know I've blogged about a bajillion times since this one??...let's move on. ;)