Monday, October 13, 2008


Some way happy things...and one sad thing.

*WARNING* Some of the things you are about to read are so lovey/gooshy/warm and fuzzy that you might feel like throwing up.

Paul and I went to California this weekend. We just got back this morning. I love California...more and more every time I go. Paul's family is fantastic. The main reason we went was to watch sunday football with his fam. They are all Green Bay Packers fans and I'm a Seahawks fan and they were playing yesterday so we wanted to go watch the game together.

We flew in friday night and his dad took us all to dinner. Yummy mexican food! Then we went to the house and hung out in the hot tub for a while. (We did that every night...I need a hot tub, it's so relaxing and I sleep so well after a good soak!)

Saturday Paul's parents took us too LA for the afternoon. We went to a cemetery were celebs are buried. It's called Hollywood Forever. It was so beautiful! I know sightseeing at at cemetery sounds weird, but it was really cool. We left there and just wondered around for a couple hours and saw some touristy things. Paul's dad bought him mom and I some super cute necklaces! He's so nice!

Saturday night his dad cooked an amazing meal. A bunch of Paul's childhood friends came over with their girlfriends and I got to meet them. It was so fun listening to all their crazy guy stories. I learned a lot about my 'near perfect' boyfriend!

Sunday his dad made us breakfast, (mmm) and we went to church. After church we had lunch, (steak, salads, garlic bread. All made by his dad. Are you noticing a trend here?? His dad loves to cook and is SO good at it!) and we watched football. Here's where the one sad thing comes in. My Seahawks lost, 27 to 17. Sad thing. It was still really fun to watch with his family. I did talk a lot of trash though, and had to eat my words later! But listen how amazing this is. Ok, because the Packers and Seahawks both lost last week. The football games slash TV guys decided that yesterdays game wasn't gonna be televised. I of course had no idea cuz I'm not smart enough to think of things like that. But because my boyfriend has such a cool dad, he called DirectTV and ordered the NFL Sunday ticket package. He had to leave work early friday and wait for the guy to come install it! Just so we could watch a game yesterday! Have I mentioned that he's awesome?! He is.
It was such a fun relaxing weekend, it went by too fast. Last night we had a family meeting to plan holiday travels and vacation plans, etc. I think it's gonna be a fun rest of the year!

Paul is so good to me and I've never been happier. He does all those "little things" that really matter. Like, I casually mentioned that I was cold the first night and the next night he brought a huge down comforter and a space heater to my room. He stops and gets me crushed ice from this little coffee shop, even if we're in a hurry. He always carries the heavy stuff, gives me his jacket if I look cold, opens my door.
Finds the Celine Dion star without me knowing and takes a picture of it. Packs my stuff in his bag that I can't fit in my bag. And today we had a really early flight home. He had to go to work right from the airport and I didn't, so I wanted him to get some sleep on the plane. We were both really tired and feeling a little sick. I don't know how to explain this part. But ya know when you fall asleep on someone's shoulder and they are trying to sleep too, but you know you're more comfortable than they are, and you try to adjust so they can be comfortable too, but you just know that they've decided to let you be more comfortable instead, by putting their arm around you, holding your head when you start doing the sleeping head-bob thing, letting you lay on their jacket, staying awake enough to get drinks from the flight attendant, etc, you get it, right? He does all those things. And so many more. Ok, that's all the cuteness I'll give ya for today. It was a good trip.


Kristin said...

Where do I begin? First of all barf. Second of all there better be more to the hot tub story because I've heard about how magical that backyard is. Third is barf again. Fourth is that I'm freakin excited you are coming to see me this weekend. Finally one of those pictures looks like Paul is touching your boob.

Platt Family said...

You go to the neatest places! i think the cementary sounds awesome! So apparently you missed our yucky weather, because there are blue skies in your pictures! It looks like so much fun! And what a nice guy!

Bryon said...

Yep. I went back and looked. There might be some boob touching.

it's me, andrea. said...

Bryon and Kristin, are you jealous?

Bryon, I started a blog post like Melanie's that was 'If I had it MY way'. I never posted it and don't know if I will, so I'll just tell you one of the things on my list. It was: "If I had it MY way, I'd be about to leave comments on Bryon's blog." What the hell! Why is there a lock, and and 'unavailable' message when I try to comment?? By the way, I've been meaning to tell you this for like a month...well, ever since the Labor Day/bad day/25%,50% funniness, whenever that was. Fix that.

it's me, andrea. said...

P.S. Bryon, It's suppose to say "ABLE to make comments" not "ABOUT to make comments." So still, What the hell?!