Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy New Year...but just to me.

I make my New years resolutions on my Birthday. It makes me feel less like someone is telling me what to do. I struggle with authority figures. Everyone does it on January 1st. Not me, I start new on February 20th.

I'm not a big fan of birthdays but I just wanna say that today I've had an overwhelmingly high amount of Happy Birthday wishes. I feel really loved right now. I've received so many texts, emails, phone calls, wall posts, comments, etc. from friends from all over the world. It really means a lot to me. Especially my new found traveling friends that I met in Peru who remembered me! I love and miss you guys and I'm so happy we met.

Also, thank you to all of my Utah friends and family for the gifts, flowers, lunch, dinner, cards, phone calls, texts, lunch and dinner rain checks, cute little fish named Stephen Fillup (from Kristin). Today was a happy day.

Here are a couple resolutions if you're wondering.
-Get regular oil changes for my car.
-Use those Ziploc steamer bags to cook vegi's (those things look so cool!)
-Enjoy the little things in life more.
-Don't text when I'm driving (that's gonna be hard to break)
-I'm gonna "Class it up." That means: I'm soon gonna go from MP3 Player to ipod. I'm gonna buy some cloths that make me look and feel 'professional' and I'm getting rid of a lot of clothes that don't. I'm also gonna embrace my new found love for shoes instead of feeling guilty.

Ok, that's all. Thanks again everyone. 28 probably won't be too bad. I don't feel older, and I probably won't act it.


Steve said...

happy birthday cutie!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday old lady. You're hot for your age. lol

DAN said...

Remember our deal? 2 more years and we're gettin' hitched! yeah!!