Friday, March 7, 2014

Friends in town

I feel like my mom's week long visit, a surprise visit from my brother, a somewhat last minute visit from friends from Chicago, and a pretty unplanned weekend away- just the four of us, that we're going on tonight, and the possibility of another brother and his family coming out next week, has not only made me get my house clean, organized and rearranged, but it's made these last few weeks fly by! Not to mention a minor car accident last week that has turned into more paper work and appointments than I ever thought possible. But that's almost earned its own post so I'll wait on that. 

Anyway, we've wanted to have a weekend (or more) with our friends Jordon and Kate and little B since they left Utah a year ago for a new adventure in Chicago. Even though we haven't lived close for over three years, they didn't feel far because we went to Utah a lot and always spent a lot of our time with them. My family got to know them well and they even spent time with my parents a couple times when we weren't there. So it was sad for everyone when they moved to Chicago. Our kids send each other gifts, pictures, video messages, talk on the phone, Skype and voxer. But they really haven't seen each other in about a year and a half. But as soon as they saw each other at the airport, they knew each other. They were so excited to see each other and they all three stayed up past midnight the first night playing while the adults talked and caught up. It was a great long weekend and it went too fast. 

We had big plans that included downtown LA, walks, the park, the beach. Everything that visitors for a freezing climate would want out of a sunny SoCal vacation. I was so bummed that the entire four days they were here, we were expecting rain. Still warm weather, but lots and lots of rain. Somehow we stayed busy and had tons of fun and even had a couple successful outdoor activities that didn't get rained out. 

We went shopping at South Coast Plaza. 

Walked to dinner here in uptown. 

Picked up some liquid nitrogen to make dippin' dots. After that, we were headed to the children's museum and it was interrupted by a car accident. Not our fault. And nothing major. But it did change our plans a bit and I ended up in labor and delivery just as a precaution. 

I was released in time to enjoy Café Rio and dippin' dots with everyone.

We went to Olvera Street and had famous taquitos and French dip sandwiches for lunch. Barely avoided the rain on that trip.
We decided to skip naps that day, and went straight from downtown LA to Seal Beach. It was perfect weather! We all had so much fun. 

The kids had so much fun playing together. 

It's hard living so far away from great friends like this. And it was over all too quickly. 

Hugs goodbye in the car. 

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