Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mom's Visit

My mom was here for a week to help paint, take apart and put together furniture, finish a couple sewing projects for me... Basically help me get to a point where I didn't feel like I was living in chaos, and that it would be ok for this baby to come on or around her due date.  She was a huge help. Too big of a help really, because she was sick. :( We think she got food poisoning. She had one really bad day, and then the rest of the week she was really sensitive to food and motion and felt dizzy a lot. I felt so bad for her and frustrated with her! But she still did so much to help, and kept the kids happy and entertained. I don't mind painting, it's the getting started and finishing up that I struggle with. She's great at that, and honestly she did most of the in between part too.

The kids, patiently waiting for Mimi to get off the plane. 

I love Addie's sprint stance.

The night she got here we went to dinner at a buffet. (I don't like buffets, but this one exceeded my expectations.) We had to go here, because there was an arcade game that Garrett plays on my phone and on a previous visit to the mall where this restaurant is, Garrett spotted the game from the balcony and was so excited to see it. He asked if he could play and I told him yes. When we went downstairs to play it, I realized we had to pay for the buffet to get into the arcade and game area and it turned into a big frustrating mess. So I promised him we go back when Mimi was here. It was kind of like less trashy Chuck E. Cheese type place. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. And Garrett got to play the game as much as he wanted.

The next day we got painting. And that night Mimi babysat so Paul and I could go on a date.

I already covered Valentine's Day in the previous post, and that was the night my mom got sick, after Knott's. She also bought a Knott's pass so I hope that means she's coming out a lot this year to take the two older kids to the amusement park while I stay home with the baby. (Fingers crossed.)

After a couple of days of hard work, we went back to Knott's for a few hours one morning. This was the day that Addie decided she wasn't nervous to go on any of the kiddie rides by herself. She loved every bit of it and acted like it was nothing new. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, because so much of it was spent in the same rooms painting, sanding, putting stuff together. It was a very productive week and I'm so thankful my mom was here. 

We tried some new styles on Addie's hair but she still prefers dirty, tangled, hanging in her eyes, over anything cute or practical. I'd take her for a cut, but I'm afraid it would require general anesthesia and a huge tip. 

She gives me a run for my money, but when I check on her at night before I go to sleep, I'm always overwhelmed with how much I love her. Both her and Garrett. Being their mom is my biggest blessing. 

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