Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just the four of us.

The very end of our massive pre-baby to-do list says: plan a vacation. I think we had high hopes in January, but by the middle of February we had pretty much forgotten about it. But my, oh-my-gosh-Garrett-and-Addie-will-never-have-fun-in-their-lives-again-once-this-baby-is-here-because-I'll-be-tired-and-overwhelmed guilt set in shortly after our Chicago friends left. And while I know lots of kids become big brothers and big sisters without eternally hating their parents for it, it's just how my brain works and I'm scared. I'm really scared about having this third child. On more levels than just fearing my two and three year old will disown me, but that's one of the many. So sometime last week I told Paul, we have to do something, just the four of us. Even if its just a hotel for one night by Knott's and then a day at Knott's. Something intentional and quality with just the two kids. 

We decided to check pretty last minute with his second cousin who has a vacation home in Palm Desert to see if it happened to be avalaible on very short notice, and it was! We took the kids the night before to buy new swim suits and told them we were going on a vacation. They were super excited. 

I packed up Friday afternoon and we left as soon as Paul got home from work. Both kids have stayed at this house before but it was almost exactly two years ago so Garrett was a year and a half and Addie was less than 5 months old. So it was much different this time.

We got there just before bedtime Friday night but still watched a movie and had popcorn. 
The kids slept great. Paul and I each took a kid the first night and the second night I slept alone and the three of them shared the master bedroom. No complaints from me! 

We had breakfast by the pool and played in the water for a while. 

We spent a couple of hours at children's museum and it was really fun. I never have high expectations of places like this, but it was really clean, inexpensive and lots of fun things to do.

We had lunch and more pool time when we got back, followed by long naps for all of us. Trying to teach the kids the art of vacation napping. It went pretty well. 

We had dinner at Souplantation. I'd never been there and it was so good. Maybe it was because I hadn't been super healthy leading up to dinner, and I mostly filled up on salad, but I'd for sure go back. 
We found another giant size piece puzzle at the museum gift store so we had to do that a couple times before our bedtime movie. 

Somehow movie time turned into tablet time. 
We had breakfast at the old town farmers market. More like brunch because of daylight savings. 

And we stopped to play at a park because we didn't want to pack up and head home. 

Good memory making. 

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