Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Dino Birthday.

I love dinosaurs. It's like I turn into a little kid when I think of how great it would be if they weren't extinct and we could somehow peacefully coexist. And I love that my kids love them too. We were doing a dinosaur puzzle tonight and Garrett said, "now let's work on the Stegosaurus." I don't even know if he was talking about the right Dino, but it warmed my heart that he's learning different names. And my two best friends love them too. One sent me tiny origami dinosaur earrings, and the other gave me a coffee mug that when its full of a hot drink, the dinosaurs fade and you see their skeletons. 

Anyway, my in-laws and Annie had a killer dino party for me for my birthday. It was really so impressive. 

We made succulent planters and went on a dino egg hunt. 

The food spread was amazing. A fondue volcano and the outside of the volcano was made of meat and cheese. A blue dry ice lake to drink from. Vegi trees. Dino nuggets. The landscape was made of mashed potatoes. Everywhere you looked there was another Jurassic Park like scene and 90% of the decor was eatable. It was fantastic. 
We finished the night with gifts, all wrapped in dinosaur paper. And home made dippin' dots. (The kids called them
Dino dots.) 

It was really fun. Maybe not a typical 34 year olds birthday theme. (Do people as old as me even have themes??) But I loved it. And all my gifts were either dinosaur themed or new baby themed. The perfect mix of both fun and practical. 

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Sarah Suppe said...

You sure are lucky to be a white. They are by far some of my favorite people on earth!