Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentines Day/My Birthday

I always think I'll do something creative for the less big holidays like valentines day and St Patrick's day. Sometimes I do, but it's never like I see it on Pinterest. Anyway, this year valentines day got away from me. Thankfully Mimi was here, and she came with gifts, and the other grandparents dropped off gifts. The kids and my mom brought me fresh farmers market flowers. And Paul got flowers for both my mom and I, and gifts for me and the kids. And I did nothing for anyone. We went and renewed our Knott's passes that night so I didn't even manage to make dinner. Pink cotton candy was as close as I got to something valentiney. 

So I tried the next day. My poor mom was sick most of her visit. :( She still helped a ton, too much. And I just felt so bad. More on that later. But on the 15th when I had high hopes for a fun V-day dinner, my mom was resting and Paul was determined to get Garrett's new bed sanded before dark. So it was just me and the kids most of the evening. Good thing I've lowered my expectations as a New Years resolution! 

This was my gift to Paul when he finally came in all covered in saw dust. 

Fortunately I had a plate of leftover cupcakes from orders the day before, so that was dessert. 
My birthday was the 20th. Oh, and Paul and my 6 year "Met-a-versary" was the 16th. And he managed to remember that and got me a card and a gift card. And then it was my birthday. My mom left the 19th so it was just the four of us (or so I thought). Paul suggested me go out for Mongolian BBQ and that always sounds great to me. And that morning he went out before I woke up and got donuts. Then he left money for the kids to take me to lunch. But before that my MIL brought cupcakes for the office. So before the kids had anything even remotely healthy they had donuts, chocolate milk, and cupcakes. 

After lunch and naps Garrett wanted to make me a cake. I did most of the baking and frosting and he was in charge of sprinkle-o's and candles. 
That night, right after we started eating dinner, my biggest surprise came. My youngest brother walked up to the table! I was shocked and almost cried. He's currently leading a training seminar all over the country and had one in LA that day and was passing through to his next stop. It was awesome! He had dinner with us and then we walked around and talked for a couple of hours. This is the second time he's 'stopped by' to see us in California and I'm always more homesick after a surprise visit. He's the best. 
Look how close we came to recreating the ad on the left in the back ground. Didn't even notice till I was looking through picture at home that night. Hah!
Paul got me a TV. I've always said we'd never have a TV in our bedroom but this pregnancy, and the thought of lonely middle of the night nursing sessions, has changed my mind. We'll see if its a good distraction and keeps me from getting depressed and having 2am anxiety attacks. It was always the worst with Addie in the middle of the night. Blah blah, anyway. We'll see. 
It was a good birthday. 

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