Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Greatest Show On Earth

I took the kids to the circus.  There was a group of 24 of us and we got a suite so we had plenty of room to move around.  The kids both did great.  Garrett was glued to the show.  Even when I took him up to the bar stools to have a hot dog, he climbed up on the bar so he could see all the action.  He never got sick of it the whole 3 hours.  Addie did great too.  But with popcorn all over the floor I didn't dare let her crawl around and she wasn't interested in hanging out in the stroller, so I held her the whole time.  The suite is the way to go, especially with little kids.  It's a perfect view of everything, and there's plenty of space and it's stroller friendly, had a mini kitchen, and a personal server.

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Carlie Sue said...

Is this in preparation for your amazing circus birthday party I've seen you pinning?! can't wait for that too! looks like fun!