Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Fun Day #4

I think we skipped a family fun day because we were in Utah.  So Wednesday was our 4th one.  But, I have a teething toddler AND a teething baby, AND I was coming off of a migraine.  I guess I don't know if it was a migraine, but if a migraine is much worse than what I had, I don't know how people even stand up or open their eyes.

So family fun day was grocery shopping and lunch at Wendy's!  We were going to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch because it was Chick-fil-a appreciation day and Paul wanted to go.  (I guess it was so shocking when a Christian CEO was asked a personal question and answered it honestly, that it required a boycott, which then spurred a support day.)  I respect everyone's views and beliefs, and I'm not one to push mine on others.  And good for Mr. Fil-a for standing by what he believes.  I respect that.  Just like I respect JCPenney for standing by Ellen as their spokesperson when all 40,000 of the 1 million moms tried to boycott it. Our economy would be hurting even more if we questioned every CEO and boycotted the companies that didn't share our same views.  I've seen some outrage about Target's new wedding registry picture of two men, and Home Depot has spoken out on their views on equal rights as well.  I boycotted Home Depot last year, but it was more of an appliance issue, not so much a gender preference one.  (I've since made up with The Big Orange) Anyway, I wasn't all about the Chick-fil-a support day, and when I saw the lines, I was for sure not all about it, especially with both kids with us.  So we went next door to Wendy's...with all 'the gays', as it's been talked about and thrown around lately.  We all preach so strongly and hold so tightly to our freedoms, but we sometimes forget that people who have different views than us, also have a right to those same freedoms.  What if all the 'Christians' who enjoyed a chicken sandwich on Wednesday would have gone to their local homeless shelter and volunteered instead? That would have said a lot more about their love for, and commitment to Christ than standing in line for two hours for an order of waffle fries.

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Dana said...

Amen to that! Reason #45 I think we were separated at birth. Love ya!