Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garage sales, Utah friends, a pool party, and football.

I went to a couple yard sales early last Saturday morning before anyone woke up.  I got home in time for Paul to go to work and then when they kids were up I loaded them in the car and we went out for more.  I could see this easily becoming my new addiction.  I'm not afraid to talk the seller down.  And the key is to not get too excited about the item before you get it down to the price you want, and don't be afraid to walk away from a stubborn seller.  These tips could get you a pair of matching night stands, a restaurant style high chair, and a plastic play slide, for 5 dollars, TOTAL.  However, to keep you from thinking I'm really THAT GOOD, I found the night stands near the close of the yard sale, and as soon as I walked up to them, the seller said, "Do you want those?  If you take them now, you can have them for free."  Yes please!  Play kitchen for Addison, here I come!

After I came off of my yard sale high, the kids and I and my mother in law went to a birthday party for our massage therapist's son.  We don't even know her son, but we won't turn down a pool party and a barbecue on a hot afternoon.

The kids had a great time.  Addie is fearless in the water.  And just like Garrett she doesn't mind getting splashed in the face, over and over.  This was the first time in a pool since learning to crawl and she was loving it.  I'm glad my kids love the water and I'm wishing I would have found somewhere for swimming lessons this summer.

This was the entertainment for the big kids.  Garrett loved watching, but wasn't interested in trying it out himself.

Last Sunday morning we met some Utah friends, the Mchenry's, for breakfast before they headed out of town.  They are both from CA, and were here visiting family.  It was weird, (and kind of nice) to not be the ones with a 12 hour drive ahead of us.  We usually meet up with friends for breakfast on our trips back to California from Utah, and this time we were on the other end of that tradition.

I think Addie has a new crush...
But by the looks of things, I'll probably need to teach her how to play hard to get.
I love when Paul dresses the kids.  He always does a great job at finding a matching headband for Lulu, and he dresses Garrett and himself alike.  It's pretty cute.

Tuesday afternoon Paul came home for lunch and he was WAY excited.  He'd found some tickets to the pre-season Chargers game in San Diego for Thursday, and they just so happened to be playing the Packers!  For those of you who don't know, the White family is full of hard core Packers fans.  Yes, I still love the Seahawks, and I still also always root for whoever is playing against the Steelers, but I'm a Packers fan through marriage, and I don't think I stand a chance with the kids, so they are Packers fans, too.

So we went to the game with Phil and Annie.  The kids were free, so they came, too.  It was a lot of fun.  Garrett loved it.  I don't know that Addie ever looked at the football field, but she did great and got a ton of compliments, even from Charger fans, on being a cute tiny little Packer fan.
I can't get enough of this happy girl!  But she finally started to run out of steam (bottom right picture).
Garrett found a way to stay awake!
Don't they look like true Packer fans?

It was a long day, and a lot of traffic and time in the car, but worth it to me just to look at Aaron Rodgers see the Packer's play.  They lost, but that's ok, just saving it for regular season.

The next day, both kids slept in, but it was time for a White family vacation, so I finally had to wake Garrett up at 10:00am to leave with his Grandma and Dude-pa.  They went a few hours before the rest of us.  Who knows how long he woulda slept...  More on the vacation later.

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