Friday, August 17, 2012

golf cake

My father in law turned 49 yesterday.  I was in charge of the cake.  He's a golfer, so I chose that as the theme.  It's more of a cupcake pull-apart cake.  I had a lot of fun doing it and I like how it turned out.

But first, we had lunch at the office with him and the staff.
Addie was the fill-in receptionist while the rest of us partied.

Then we had dinner and presents and more cake later on.  Here's the one I made.
Complete with a leather golf bag, a sand trap, and a water hazard.  I used gum balls for the golf balls, gold fish crackers, and all the other golf stuff was from Decor Party Supply.

Garrett was really happy that it had gold fish crackers on it.

But apparently he wasn't too crazy about the cake part.
But everyone else enjoyed it!

Also, my kids had well baby check ups a couple of days ago.  Addie for 9 months, and Garrett for 2 years (a little early).  They're both looking good.  Addie's head is only 2 cm's smaller than Garrett's!  Still in the 97%ile.  You can see all the numbers and more updates on both of their blogs.