Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mixin' it up.

There is one room in the house that has always remained spotless. Well, two rooms. The guest room, and the 'formal' living room. I hesitate to say formal, because I think formal means nice, high end, matching furniture. And this room is anything but that. It consisted of 3 book cases, a papazan chair and ottoman, a small table with two chairs, two big chairs and a coffee table, a floor lamp, and a piano. Everything in the room was bought either on sale, unfinished, not put together, or given to us for free. The reason this room has always been clean is because we never go in there. We have another living room with more seating, the TV, close to the kitchen, etc. We just naturally gravitate to the great room. Once in a while one of us will sit down and play the piano, or read, or talk on the phone in the formal living room, but I can only think of one time that a visitor came over and we spent more time in there than the other living room. And it was just a few days ago, the day before I un-formaled it and made it more kid friendly.

Here's the before pictures, how it's been, pretty much untouched for a year and a half.About half of the stuff is staying in the room, because there is no where to put it, and Garrett doesn't need THAT big of a play space. Although, now that I've finished the changes, he has enough stuff to easily fill the room. The other half of the stuff is spread throughout the house. We have a really wide hallway, so the big black shelf is in the hall. The table and two chairs fit nicely in the guest bedroom, and the papazan is in the odd space/'tiny room' at the end of the hall, where I originally thought I could get Garrett to play. But he's not a fan at being at the end of a long hallway, with bad lighting, all by himself. I don't blame him. This space also stores clothes that the kids have outgrown, blankets, more books and toys that we will rotate in and out to keep things interesting.His new playroom has been usable for a few days now, and so far he's enjoying it. And Paul and I are enjoying that we have a convenient, well organized space to keep all his stuff. He still brings things from the room and leaves toys/magnets/books all over the house, but it's easier to clean up now and everything has a place.

I had a lot of fun creating this space. It's not what I'd want in a 'normal home', but this apartment is temporary, and it works well for now. It's really Pinterest inspired and it was really inexpensive. I'll show you the fun things I made and bought, but I don't want to take time to link to every idea. So if you want to see, it's mostly on my 'fun for kids' board, and a little on my 'DIY craft ideas' board.

This view of the room is from the doorway. My dad and I built the room divider about 2 years ago. My mom sewed the fabric inserts. I painted it a few months ago, and Paul put the hinges on a few days ago. I never had a place for it so I never got around to finishing it! I don't love having it jet out like that next to the piano, but there's a shelf on the other side of it and this looks better than the back or the shelf...and it hides the mess.
Here is the reading corner. The big comfy bear, and both of their rocking chairs.The art area. Chalkboard/dry erase/paper roll easel from Ikea. We've had all the Ikea stuff for a while, just haven't really used it. The table and two chairs, also from Ikea.And this toy box is from Ikea, too. I think all three items totaled about $45.00. (Don't remember, we've had it all for a while, and they were gifts.) Really inexpensive stuff, though. And I also painted all the blocks in the green canvas bin on top of the toy box, then just used alphabet stickers I had in my scrapbook stuff. The magnet boards and toys.Now I'll tell you about the details, and all the good deals I found. The magnet board is an oil change pan. I got the idea from pinterest. The pinner said, $12.99 at Wal-mart, but I got mine for less than $10.00 at Auto Zone. That, and this road-rug were the only two things I bought for the room. Everything else was stuff I already had.The framed striped magnet boards were just unfinished ones I've had forever. I painted them white, then put blue painters tape on them to do the stripes. I love how they turned out. Garrett loves magnets. He's obsessed with these boards. All the magnets are from Micheal's and Hobby Lobby, between 10 and 50 cents each. The pop cycle stick ones I painted myself and just glued a magnet on the back of each one.

This hangs above the magnet boards.I had the board and the over-sized clothes pins. A little paint, stain and scrapbook paper and I think it turned out cute. The cute black shapes are chalkboard vinyl, so I can write names and dates of the artwork, etc. The vinyl was also in my stash. About 3 bucks for 6 of them at World Market. And the artwork are Garrett originals! String painting and ziploc bag painting, fun and almost mess free!

These are also Garrett originals...kind of...I took some of his crayon scribble work and punched it out with my 2 inch paper punch. I painted the boards and glued his scribbles on. The solid color dots are with my 1 inch punch and they are paint chips. I'm pretty happy with these, too.

These are Andrea originals. The circle art on the white board are also paint chips. I love all the color. And the 3 frames are from my Michael's frame sale where I got 40 really cool frames for less than 80 bucks! These were silver and black. A little spray paint, paper glued on the glass, and a metal clip, spray painted to match, and now I have 3 fun frames that will be easy to rotate pictures of the kids, or more art work. I love these frames, I kind of want more all over my house.Here are the toys and books on the other side of the room divider.The grow chart that I made forever ago and never had a place to hang it. (It still doesn't really fit, but it's still cute.)And here is Paul's project. I saw this on Pinterest, too. He really had fun making it. All the wood was less than $10.00, I spray painted it black, cut the vinyl on my cricut, and we were done. I thought when we decided what size to make it that I might wish it was bigger. I'm glad it's not any bigger! It's even a little big for the space, but it fits the animals perfectly. I made the pennant flags with leftover scraps of fabric from other projects. And this spot stayed the same so we can all comfortably hang out in the room.I love how it turned out. And Paul loved that it cost me less than $40.00 to makeover this room.

Today when I hung the last frame I was kinda sad to be done. Don't really know what to work on next... Maybe Addie's birthday?? I only have 6 months to plan!! ;)


Heidi Rogers said...

That looks amazing and so fun! I'm trying to make our large basement room into a playroom before I have a college student come nanny in a few weeks, and I just don't have the energy to paint or do anything amazing like this.

Carlie Sue said...

I don't even know where to begin! this is all so cute! I am so impressed! I LOVE IT! thanks for all the great ideas!