Friday, May 18, 2012

long delicious hair

 NOT something I'm enjoying in life right now.

Paul wants me to have long hair again. And while he loves me and thinks I'm beautiful whatever the length or color, I decided I'd give it a go again.

And besides, (sarcasm) what better time to grow my hair out than when, one, I don't have the time or money to keep up on the cut, color, and styles like I used to. Two, the gray hairs are flooding in at a dangerously rapid rate. And, three, I'm still losing hair by the hand fulls due to the post-baby hair loss that is STILL in full force due to back to back pregnancies.

Needless to say, I hate my hair right now. Hate.

I never do it. Like ever. When I do wash it, it usually ends up in a ponytail before it's even dry. And a few days ago, I was going out with some girls so I decided I'd straighten it and wear it down. I couldn't find my straightener, and I found it still packed in my travel bathroom bag from our trip that we'd been home from for almost 3 weeks. True story.

I used to wash it everyday. (pre-kid) Then it went to every other day. (pre-multiple kids) And now I usually skip 2 days. And once in a while, 3 days. WHAT?! I said ONCE IN A WHILE.

But the past few days I'm starting to kind of like my hair again. And it's because of my 2 favorite little people in the whole wide world. Addison loves when I lay next to her and tickle her cheeks with my hair. She flutters her eyes and gives me the sweetest smiles and sighs.

And Garrett loves tickling MY face with my hair. And thanks to my hair being available for tickles and peek-a-boo a few days ago, we all survived being on an airplane for 2 hours.

Garrett's also a fan of the ponytails. He's been playing with my hair more and more these days.

And one last thing, in my defence about the washing schedule. When you don't use product in your hair, and you pull it back when its fresh and clean, it doesn't get dirty very fast! Unless you're one of those people who think cookie crumbs, jam, and spaghetti sauce makes your hair "dirty".

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megantonesforever said...

O.k. My hair is thick and curly and is usually washed twIce but sometimes once a week! That should make u feel better!