Thursday, May 3, 2012

Family Fun Day #2 (plus a little)

Paul had today off work because he's working Saturday. We had a fun day planned at Crystal Cove. But it was too cloudy and cool for that today. So we had a last minute, and much more simple change of plans.

We went to lunch at the world's oldest operating McDonald's! Don't be jealous. It's in Downey, California, pretty close to our house. It's super old school. No pictures of the food, a walk up window to order, and a separate pick-up window. Outdoor seating, and a little McDonald's museum.Garrett, of course, didn't sit still long because we were outside and there were pigeons to chase.Why yes, that is a cockroach behind Garrett's foot, that Paul had kicked over there earlier because it was alive and right by our table. I lost my appetite, Garrett was feeding his meal to the pigeons, which is just fine because I probably would have made him stop eating so I didn't have to picture roch-burgers going in his mouth. In McDonald's defense, we were outside, but still.Paul also had to ask a man who sat down at the next table to leave because he was smoking. Fortunately, the man apologized and left.

(Museum sign, NOT the prices we paid today.)After our eventful lunch, we went to Paul's parent's house so Paul could work on a Pinterest project for me that he's thrilled about doing. (He's actually kind of enjoying it.) Me and the kids hung out on the deck while he cut wood. (Garrett was eating the bench while I was taking this picture of Addie, I didn't notice until later when I was looking at it.)*****************************
Some other little family fun.

Last Sunday evening we barbecued at the park, Garrett ran around, and then we walked to the pond and G fed the ducks. There was a sign that said don't feed the ducks, but Garrett can't it was fine. (oops)****************************
And in case you forgot that my kids are the friggin' cutest, here you go:

The white trash toddler- hand in his pants, no shirt, watching a little tv.Garrett doing the Tarzan. He pounds his chest and does the jungle, "ooohhh ooohhh oohh oh ooohh!"And little Lulu. (we call her Lulu) I love this smile.What a little doll! Grandma White said she needed some retail therapy after they had to put one of their dogs down. My kids always strike gold when Grandma is in the mood to shop.

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