Monday, May 21, 2012

family in town

Paul's aunt and uncle and cousins were in town last week from Colorado. The last time we saw all of them together was last Mother's Day in Denver before we flew back to California after our trip to Wyoming, and then we were all together again this Mother's Day.

We spent a day playing at the beach, had a barbecue, played in the pool, visited Paul's grandma's (Nani) grave on Mother's day, had brunch, visited, played, etc. etc. It was a fun week. My sweet Lulu, trying on her new suit, all ready for summer.Getting the kids ready and sun screened up for a beautiful day at the beach.Garrett loved playing with his (second) cousin Austin, in the sand.We brought Garrett's play pool to wash the sand and salt off. He loved it, but it wasn't long before he added some sand to the clean water. And Lulu had her first experience with sand and ocean water.While Lulu was catching some zzz's, Garrett found the cookies in Grandma's bag.Hanging out at Grandma and Dude-pa's house. Playing in the water on the new
'floating island', and Garrett trying to call some ducks.More hang-out time. Addie loved meeting new extended family. Notice Garrett's new 'time-out' spot in the middle picture. Stuck behind the bricks. It was a great idea until he almost flipped over the side.Visiting Nani's grave on Mother's Day.The Whole group at the cemetery, minus Matt (Rachel's husband), who was taking the picture.
Left to right: Uncle Denny, Poppy, Rachel, Austin (in the tree), Aunt Esther, Aunt Joyce, Annie with Garrett, Grandma, Dude-pa, Brandon, Paul with Addison, and me.

...I don't do names much on my blog...I'm sure I'll regret that in the future...maybe I'll start doing it more.

After all this fun we were off to Utah for Great Strides. Stay tuned.

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