Monday, August 15, 2011

A Wedding in San Francisco

My cousin got married on Thursday evening in San Francisco. They had a fairy-tale like wedding at a fancy schmancy ballroom down town that they won through 'Wish Upon a Wedding'. My cousin's new wife has MS, I don't understand the organization completely, but I guess its kind of a sister company to the 'Make a Wish' foundation. They might be starting a reality show and a film crew came to my cousins house in Utah before the wedding and to the wedding. Rumor is their wedding may be the pilot show. Anyway, really fun to be there and to see my cousin so happy.

My mom and Aunt Barbara flew in from Utah on Wednesday, and then Thursday morning, bright and early, we all drove to San Fran.My cute Aunt and Uncle.Two of my beautiful cousins.A man at the wedding (maybe the bride's uncle? Can't remember) offered my mom $1.75 a pound for Garrett. I'm glad she said no!There was SO MUCH traffic downtown SF the night of the wedding. It took us 2 hours to go 17 miles. When we were about a mile away, everyone jumped out of the truck (except Paul) and ran to the wedding. Thankfully the pastor was coming from another wedding and was stuck in the same traffic, so we all made it.Friday was our sight seeing day. We started with a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we saw the giant redwoods at Muir Woods.Next was clam chowder and shopping at Fisherman's Wharf. Garrett got a drawing of himself. Apparently my son is a 10 year old Justin Bieber look a like. But I LOVE that we had him draw the helmet. Maybe I'll post the finished product of Garrett's blog, I'm too lazy to take a picture of it right now.We walked to Ghirardelli Square for a little chocolate fix. Garrett chased the pigeons.Then we hopped on a bus to head to China Town. The top of the bus started on fire. The bus driving thought the little bus fire was no big deal. (Maybe it'll blow itself out if we drive fast enough??) He didn't stop until a passenger called the fire department and they made him stop. We all evacuated and waited for the next bus. 3 fire trucks arrived within seconds and took care of the problem. Always an adventure!We finally made it to China Town, and as you can see, Garrett LOVED it!We had a little pee situation and I didn't bring any extra clothes for him. It was a cold evening and he was not happy. Fortunately I had 2 blankets in the diaper bag so at least he didn't freeze to death. We had some yummy chinese food and after that we called it a day.Saturday morning we met Aron and Mara for breakfast. They are some of our bff's who live in Reno and they drove to SF for the weekend. So good to see them. We miss our friends. :(Saturday afternoon we made the drive back home. We made a little pit stop on the way back so I could get my Hobby Lobby fix. SoCal gets a Hobby Lobby on Oct. 3rd! Wohoo!Garrett got his one hour helmet break on the way home and his favorite toy, the angry bird, got to try it out for a while.

Yesterday was a relax day and my mom and aunt flew home last night. Their flight was delayed because of a storm in SLC, then they couldn't land, had to fly to Vegas to re-fuel, got stuck there for a while and made it home 5 hours late at 3:30 this morning. I felt so bad for them! But they're safe and we had a great long weekend.

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maranoelle said...

It was soooo great being with you guys for a bit!! Can't wait to see you again over Labor Day. I'm trying to plan a Sunday get-together w/the WERM crew. xoxo.