Monday, August 29, 2011

Little things we've been up to.

I had a crafty week last week. I love it. I made an owl trio, an owl wall hanging, a bird clock, a wreath, and a wall hanging with our girl's name on it, all for the baby room. And I made some decor and frames to hang above our bed. I also made a set of owls for our friends in Utah who are having a baby any day now. They are also doing an owl room, but I have to wait to see if its a boy or girl so I can add either the masculine or feminine touches. Here are a couple things I made.Paul helped plan the Whittier Car Show this year. It was quite the event! And the funeral home also had a booth at the show so Paul did double duty all day. Garrett and I took him lunch and hung out for a couple hours.We celebrated Grandpa Phil's ("Dude-Pa's") birthday last week too. Dinner at an Indian restaurant, swimming, presents (mostly for Garrett) and cake.Garrett has learned to "smile" on queue. It's quite the little scrunchy face!I went to another Lion's Club event with Paul, and this time we brought our little cub.Here's some everyday Garrett. His cute head tilt and smile. Caught trying to tip over the chair. Sporting a sweet outfit...No idea where those shorts came from, but Paul found them somewhere. And waving at me while he snacks.Saturday we went to a birthday party for (one of) Garrett's girlfriend(s). Her mom (and dad) did a great job at all the planning and the details of the party. It made me excited for Garrett's birthday next month. I wish I'd taken more pictures, but this is all I got. It was a REALLY hot day and the party was outside. Fortunately the tables were shaded but we still felt the heat! So did G. Poor little guy in that helmet! As you can see he was happy once we stripped him down and poured water on his overalls. The only shot I got of the birthday girl was her and her mom at the pinata. We had a great time!And that catches you up on what's been going on with us the past week or so.

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Rachel and Codee said...

CUTE owls! Please don't tell me I pulled letters for you that are for your little girl, and I didn't even think to unscramble them! Haha!